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Blog Marketing Is About Asking Better Questions

Blog marketing is not just about SEO or backlinks no way, there is so much more you could be doing.  The smart marketer asks questions about their business.  The marketer who just blindly goes with the flow and doesn’t know anything about his blog marketing is in the dark daily.   

For instance, did you know when blog owners lose traffic to Google updates, they have no idea what keywords or pages were making them money in the first place?  They have no idea it may have only been a handful of keywords that were actually making them money.  

Once a Google update hits, they go into panic mode and hurry to make their site better.  And sadly it takes time and many never get back the traffic they once had.

They never understood that they could have bought some traffic while work on their site post algorithm change to keep the traffic rolling.

And not to mention they should have been building an email list all along which is the ultimate form of blog marketing.        

Yes Free SEO Traffic Is Wonderful but....

If you are not doing things like finding out what makes you money and building an email list you are dead in the water and your blog marketing goes down the toilet.

If you join our training today we show you what you should be doing for not only SEO, link building but also PPC, conversion optimization, and much much more.    

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