Make Money With Clickbank – Is It Real?

Can you make money with Clickbank? The answer is yes you can!

There are two ways to make money on Clickbank, either you promote products as an affiliate or you can make your own product and gather affiliates to promote your product.

Either model is good and you will most likely make more money with your own product rather than promoting the product of others.

But, I will cover each one in this article for you.

You see the year was 2000 and I was ramping up as a decent web designer back then. Then I meet two gentlemen who are writing a book called acne free in 3 days. Once their book was finished they started selling it on Clickbank. And it did make them money.

I have since helped others make products and help them sell on Clickbank.

The way to sell anything on Clickbank is to have a quality product first and foremost. Or if you are an affiliate, pick a quality product to sell.

Selling As An Affiliate

Ok, by far the easiest way to sell on Clickbank is to sell as an affiliate. This is selling other people’s products. And, while there are a number of ways to sell these products, I happen to think the best way is with a website and email.

Yes, you can sell with paid advertising and I will cover some of that later on. However, it’s tricky to turn a full profit right away. I usually tell people that is something that can do later on unless they have an unlimited amount of cash laying around.

Starting With A Website

As I’ve said before starting out with a website to sell Clickbank or affiliate network products is one of the best ways to go.

Sure, it takes work and much effort but you are building a foundation and will capture money you might have missed out on had you not started your website.

A website is also especially good for someone who likes to write. If you can write on a daily basis, you will eventually get large amounts of traffic to your website.

The trick is to write daily and set a goal for yourself for the number of articles you want to have on your blog by the end of the year. So, if you want to have say around 300 articles by year end, then plan on writing daily.

But make sure, you write quality content. This either requires a subject you know very well or hiring someone who can produce this type of content for you.

And, in case you were thinking you need 300 websites, think again. James Martell, the famous affiliate marketer who has been marketing online since about 1999, states in his article on famous bloggers how he wished he would have spent more time making a few websites instead of hundreds.

This is not to say you should not have more than one website. But use focus as your guide so you can get things done and give the correct amount of time to a project to make it the best it can be.

Hiring Writers

If you are not good at writing yourself, then you can hire writers. There are all sorts of places online like upwork, constant content and more. These are some of the places where you can expect to more per an article.

Many new webmasters make the mistake of just adding crap content to the new blog and then wonder why nothing ever works for them.

And this usually boils down to either not caring about your content or trying to spread yourself too thin and running to many websites. There is no way you can work 100 websites and make them all quality.

Sure, you can start out with a cheaper writer on a site like Fiverr for a while to get your going but just make sure the articles are the best quality you can get for the money you are spending.

Then, once you gain a little traction and re-invest back into your business, you can then find a better writer.

But, the point is, make sure you have quality content because people do know the difference. You will see it in your analytics stats in the form on bounce and exit rates.

Getting Quality Traffic

One of the best ways to get traffic to your website is from search engines. All the articles you either had written or wrote yourself will pay off in the end in the form of traffic.

Keyword Research

One of the most important aspects of any online marketing campaign is keyword research. Especially when it comes to search engine optimization.

If you want to learn more in-depth about keyword research checkout Shaun Anderson’s keyword research guide from Hobo SEO.

But, you have to know a little about what you are doing when it comes to keywords. If you don’t and you just write blind articles then you may never get all the traffic you deserve.

It Takes Time

Once you have your website idea and have done some keyword research, then you are ready to write your content. But, here is a warning to keep in mind.

It takes time to get a website off the ground. Sometimes you might work for many months before your website gains any traction in the search engines.

This will depend on your site authority, how much content you have and how much a search engine trusts your site.

But, if you keep working it and trust in the system, you will see results.

So How Does A Website Actually Make Money From ClickBank?

Ok, so once you have your site up and running and you are getting traffic the one thing you really want to do is start collecting emails from your site visitors.

You can also add banner ads, a landing page and some affiliate links throughout your articles.

However, the best way to make money is to have a landing page and link to that from your menu and links back to the landing page inside your articles.

Your landing page will give away a lead magnet in exchange for someone email address.

To get more people to give you their email, you can give away a free report, software or whatever else you think your visitors might be interested in.

Then, once you have their email address, you send them helpful content and build a good relationship with them and send promotions every so often to your affiliate links.

Keep Building Your Email List

The one most important thing you will want to continue do is build your email list as big as you can. This is your most important marketing activity.

You build an email list because you will own that list, it’s your to keep and it is an asset to your business.

You will then be able to send offers to your email list over and over again.

But, you will also want to develope a relationship with them and help the people on your list.

Then and only then will you want to send promotions.

If you send promotions right away, at this point people do not really know you yet or even trust you. But, if you help them and then send promotions, people will trust you better and then start buying from you.

Why You Should Start A Blog

Today, many people are looking to make money from the internet as fast as they can. And, this has really picked up over the last few years. It seems now, everybody and their brother wants to cash in.

The problem is many times they are sold a bag of goods of easy riches and usually, this is not the truth at all.

Sure, you might hear of someone who made $70,000 a month from the internet and the truth is they made that money one time or they truly didn’t make that much.

Or, then you have the guy peddling his new method, where he swears you don’t need a website, seo, youtube or whatever and he say’s in his ad he can prove it to you.

Yes, that’s correct everyone has now found the internet and they are selling mostly junk.

So, today, let’s talk a little about how to build a profitable sustaining business you can count on for years to come.

What A Blog Provides

Now, a blog is not the end all and be all of making money online but it can provide a foundation for you if you build it correctly that will last for years to come.

In other words, when you blog it’s a way to get traffic into a lead page, funnel etc.

You provide your readers with good quality information and in turn, you can then make offers if you do things right.

And the best part is, even though it can be really slow getting started. Once it’s going it can provide traffic for free for years. This means you might not have to spend any money for a long time on ads.

A Blog Is A Foundation

The best thing about having a blog you update all the time is, it’s a foundation for your business. Not only will it get traffic and provide leads and sales but it will be the cornerstone of your business.

It makes you look more professional if people decide to search for you online and they see a website and a mature blog. People will have more confidence in you, your products and services.

And it’s the start of your multi-channel marketing. And that means getting traffic, leads, and sales from different places. This is not putting all your eggs in one basket.

A Blog Helps To Build Trust

One of the best things a blog can do for you is build trust in you and whatever it is you have.

Once you enter online selling something or whatever you do, people will start to search for your name or your company name. And, if you have a blog that is built well with many good articles, that is a signal of trust for anyone.

Once you start showing up in the search engines over and over again, people will get to know you and your blog. And, over time they will eventually buy from you in their time of need.

You Build An Audience And An Email List

Many people do remember or they maybe were not around but before the internet was big, offline companies would build mailing lists by sending mail to your house and even take out ads in magazines.

Once that company built a huge list, then they sent all their promotions and content by mail.

Today it’s done mostly online with the help of autoresponders and email software. But, it’s very important to build your list.

Once you build an email list, you then own that customer in effect and can send your emails to them until they get off your list.

Building an email list is one of the first things you should do. You are in effect doing hit and run marketing if you are not building a list.

A Blog Gets Free Traffic

One of the greatest reasons to start blogging is free traffic. Now, granted you need to have quality content and make it worth your readers while but once you get to a point of having many articles you will start to get free traffic from engines like Google.

And, although it takes a huge amount of effort to write many articles, in the end, it is worth it when you build a successful blog.

You sure can use paid traffic to a blog but if you are broke and need a free solution blogging is a great way to get started.

How To Get Started Blogging

We have many articles on our site about blogging and how to start a blog business. But in a nutshell here are some things you need.

The basic things you will need to get started are:

  1. Learn WordPress
  2. Learn how to write content
  3. Learn Some Seo

There are other things you will find out you need along the way but it’s essential to master the two most important things which are content writing and SEO. With these two skills alone just about anyone can build a business on the internet.

Then, after you get a good amount of traffic then you can begin to monetize that traffic and turn it into an income for yourself and your family.

A Word Of Caution

Building a blogging business does take time and if you write consistently it can take 1-2 years sometimes. But you see, most people just give up after a month or two and never again touch their blog.

This is a big mistake. I can promise you from experience if you keep going, you will start to see returns in the form of traffic and especially from Google.

The content business is a tough one but you can reap many rewards from it over the long term.

Pick one thing or topic to get yourself started and then don’t give up. Work until you succeed. And then, only then start to think of your next venture.

People usually want more and more all the time. They want more information or learn new things because they get bored with idea’s that have become old to them.

When in fact, it’s always the basics that make things tick and work.

Selling products online for companies

With the way, the internet is now, selling products online for companies can be done in several ways.

This is the ultimate form of affiliate marketing and if done correctly can make you money every single month in your bank account.

But first, if you are new to affiliate marketing or marketing online, you will need to consider some things first.

Where Will You Get Traffic?

The number one thing for you to consider is traffic. Where and how will you get traffic to your offers? Without traffic, everything else will fail.

So, you need to consider how you will get this traffic. Will you start a blog and get traffic from search engines or will you use something like paid traffic?

Yes, there is free and paid traffic. But, free traffic is really not totally free because there is usually an investment of time involved with writing content.

Take time right now and think of the ways you will get traffic.

Starting A Blog

One great way to get traffic is by building a blog. Pick something you are passionate about and then you will need content.

Good quality content is what makes the internet work the way it does. Without it, the internet would not be the same.

It’s easy today to start a blog with a content management system like WordPress. All you need to do is pick a theme and then install it on a web host and you are half of the way there.

But, as I said you will need content and a good amount of it.

So, if you cannot write, then you will need to hire someone to write for you. And, there are many places you can find writers. But one word of caution here. You will want to pick a good writer and they may not come cheap. But, good content that engages readers can make all the difference to your blog.

Think of it this way. Have you ever searched Google and clicked on a result and read a really crappy article? Sure you did. And then what did you do? You clicked the back button as fast as you could to get away from that website.

You see, there is a huge difference with good quality content that is written by someone who knows the subject then by someone who just put together an article because they had to.

People can really tell the difference if you’ve spent a lot of time on an article or not. And so can Google.

So, make sure you either learn how to write properly or hire a good writer. Because remember, it will be your content that will provoke people to take action.

So how do you learn to write good quality content?

Well, let’s consider two people from the internet. One is John Chow and the other is Neil Patel.

First, Neil Patel is one of the foremost SEO experts in the world and do you know how he got that way? It was by writing quality content on his blog daily.

Neil now has writers but when he started he didn’t. So this meant he has to write every single day and churn out quality articles.

You can see Neils guide to content marketing, which is a really good resource for learning content marketing.

Neil covers just about everything you need to know to produce good high-quality content.

Another great resource to learn about content is from John Chow. John has been blogging for the last 15 years now and produces content for his blog daily.

The great thing about John is he will also teach you how to make money by selling products online for companies.

He does this by attracting traffic to his blog from search engines and then he offers a free Ebook you can download and learn more about making money online.

Another awesome resource to learn more is the content marketing institute.

CMI, features all kinds of articles by people like Neil Patel to get you started and more.

The Content Takeaway

Yes, content is that important to any internet marketing strategy, especially if you have a blog.

Content allows you to become the expert in searchers eyes.

Also, the one thing that stops many people in their tracks is giving up when it comes to content. People usually do not see an ROI right away from content marketing so they give up after a month or so.

The key is to stick through the times when you are getting no traffic and keep adding more quality articles. If you stick with it it can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to start to see results.

But, once you do see results it will all be worth it and large amounts of traffic will start to roll into your blog.

All those people you watch on Youtube and read their blogs, think about it. Content is exactly what they are doing.

Selling Products For Companies Is Also Affiliate Marketing

If you are going to start selling products online, you are doing affiliate marketing. So what you want to do is start learning about affiliate marketing.

There are many places online to learn affiliate marketing but we suggest you only pick one place or program and stick with it.

One great resource is James Martell’s affiliate buzz podcast.

James and his wife talk weekly all about affiliate marketing and what you need to do in order to succeed with affiliate marketing.

It’s a great podcast that has been on the air for many years.

James will cover topics such as keyword research, content creation, website creation, online marketing and more.

And, one of the best ways affiliates sell products is through websites they created with really great content.

Now, you can surely use paid ads with affiliate marketing and many people do successfully. But you have to watch the numbers when doing paid ads. Some of the people online claiming they are making money with paid ads are not.

This is why we feel content marketing is truly the best way to go. Sure, it takes much more work and effort but in the long run, it’s so much more worth it.

Using Paid Traffic

Now, if you are not sure about creating content and having a blog, you can also use paid traffic.

But, it needs to be said upfront, you will need enough money to cover your advertising costs and we don’t mean tapping into your daily cash flow.

Make sure you have some money upfront that can be disposed of.

The reason is, when you are first starting out with paid ads there is a learning curve and you will most likely waste money learning how to do things properly.

Using Facebook Ads And A Landing Page

When it comes to paid ads and affiliate marketing, one of the best and easiest ways is to use Facebook ads, a landing page, and capture emails.

Once you capture emails, then you can email to these people on your list over and over or until they get off your list.

Without emails, you are doing nothing more than hit and run marketing and that’s not profitable.

Below, John Chow explains why the hit and run affiliate model is not profitable.

So with this business model, you need mainly four things.

You need:

  1. To sign up for Facebook Ads
  2. Landing page software
  3. an email autoresponder provider
  4. Content that engages your audience

Do you see number four? This is why we always talk about content. Because, even if you do not have a blog, you still need some form of content to get started. And, once again your content needs to be high quality, interesting and capture your reader’s attention.

Your first step is to sign up for Facebook ads. However, you will need some training on using Facebook ads first.

Head over to Youtube and search for Facebook ads. Or click here.

For number 2, landing page software is needed. Now you have a few choices here. You can use something like Clickfunnels or Lead pages.

There are also other options you can search for in the WordPress marketplace which are cheaper. Point is just get some landing page software.

Next will be signing up for an autoresponder. There are many providers for this.

You can use either Aweber, MailChimp or Getresponse. However, there are others if you do a Google search.

Then, last but not least is you will need content for your email list.

So, what you do to put it all together is you run Facebook ads to your landing page software and capture people’s email with a lead magnet or a really well-written landing page.

But, keep your landing page simple here. You are just trying to get the lead and their email.

It will be the content of your emails that will help to make you money. And again, your content can be simple but it has to be well written.

Your Landing Page

The landing page is very important. It’s what will help you capture leads and emails.

So, you will most likely want to A/B test landing pages. This means having two different variations and serving them both in a split fashion so you can see which one is better.

Conversion XL has a great article for landing pages you can read more about how to structure them, optimize them and more.

The landing page is very very important because you want a high converting landing page, so do not overlook it.


Your emails to your prospects will be about the most important thing you do with this business model. You also have many chances here to make a sale because you can email them many times.

But, the important part is helping people. You see, if all you do is send blatant promotions with every email, you can lose the trust of your prospects.

This is not to say, there are not any successful marketers using nothing but promotions.

But if you send helpful content in the form of videos and articles that actually help people with whatever your niche is, you will have an easier time getting them to sign up for whatever it is you want them to.

So, always be truthful and honest and people will take you seriously.

In summary, we showed you, two simple models, you can use to sell products from companies. Selling these products is really a form of affiliate marketing.

The blogging way or free traffic way does take much longer to get off the ground but it’s also one of the best if you just trust in the system and forget about getting traffic for at least 6 months.

But there is one caveat to the free traffic method. And that is, A search engine can at anytime change they way they look at your site and your traffic can tank at any time.

So, you want to think about that and have some kind of plan in case that happens.

Your plan can be using paid traffic or having a 2nd website as a backup.

We do not recommend going after hundreds of websites in different affiliate niches. However, this model looks to you, it is not the best use of your time.

When trying to update many different websites, you will see you cannot do it all and it can cost a fortune in outsourcing costs.

It’s much better to have only a few websites that you can actually update and give some love to.

So, think about which model you will use. Do you want to blog or use paid traffic strategies?

Using A Landing Page On A Blog

By the way, you can also use a landing page on your blog. This is a great strategy when you have enough traffic.

What you do is grab software like click funnels and you have a link somewhere in your top or side navigation that will lead to your landing page.

At the bottom of your landing page, you can have an option to capture emails.

Consider how Nathaniel of the one more cup of coffee blog does it.

As you can see from the screenshot, he has a very simple navigation leading to his number one recommendation.

After you click on his recommendation you are taken to a landing page where at the bottom you can sign up for his email list.

This is a very brilliant and simple way to do things.

Your visitors cannot get lost easy or fed up with too many options. He keeps his blog simple and clean and this also makes it more trustworthy.

So, his backup plan is his email list where he is collecting emails daily from people interested in an online business.

Sure, if his website takes a hit in Google, you can and will most likely lose business and money but because he built an email list, he can use that as his primary source of income until he figures out what to do about his blog traffic.

Ways To Use And Promote ClickFunnels

You may have heard and seen all the rage lately with ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is an online software service that will help you create funnels for just about anything you can think of.

It doesn’t matter if you have a local business, an online store, a blog or just about any other site. The fact is you can use it to help create a funnel for your business.

But it doesn’t stop there either. The software also can be used as an email autoresponder platform as well, including some pretty cool things like Backpack for gaining affiliates and actionetics for understanding people on your email list better.

So with that said, let’s assume you know what Click-funnels is and you just want to know a little more about using and promoting it.

How You Can Use Clickfunnels

There are a number of ways to use the software and really much of it is up to your imagination. They are also coming up with new funnels all the time and releasing them to their customer base. Plus many account owners also make their own funnels and just give them away.

If you visit their website, they go over a whole host of ways to use the software for just about any kind of business.

You can make all kinds of funnels including, squeeze pages, lead magnets, bridge funnels, surveys, applications and more.

So, this means you can use this software in just about any setting or situation.

Using On Your Website

If you already own a website and you are getting a decent amount of traffic let me tell ya, you can use the landing page software on your website.

What you would do is create a funnel for what you are selling and then add a prominent link on your website, either in your side bar, top navigation or by adding the link to other pages. When adding a link in your navigation, you’ll want to make the link shine. And, by that I mean name the link something that will get your customer excited.

You could also add a banner or picture at the top of your site or in your left or right navigation. And this could lead to your ClickFunnels affiliate id or better yet to a email capture page.

You can also use the software to add a email capture form to anywhere on your site. You can see the help article here. Or the video below will help you also.

So, the bottom line is you can use it to catch email address and send people into your funnel whatever that may be.

Use As An Affiliate

one of the great things you can do with CF is, use it to promote affiliate offers by way of email or just using the software as a landing page.

Now, as i have and so has every other marketing person out there stated, the money comes from your email list. It is much better to promote to a landing page where you collect leads, add them to a funnel and then send them information and offers in a email sequence.

But, if you need to make quick cash you can always direct link your offers and see where that gets you financially.

Redesign Your Site

I’m not sure if you know but, you can use CF as your whole website. Now, this may be a little impractical for a full eCommerce site, such as it was for Flex Watches who had their site redesigned by Brunson and his team. You can read about the updates from the show here.

Flex watches did take the site from Brunson that was redesigned in CF, and use it as their website for a while but then switched back to a regular type site.

Now, this is not to say CF

Use As A Membership Site

Just like optimizepress, CF can be used as a membership website where you collect monthly payments from your customers.

This is where the most money is to be made, when you are collecting monthly payments from customers. It’s like cash coming in every single month like clockwork.

I would highly recommend coming up with some idea for a membership website if you can think of one.

Finding Affiliates To Promote Your Products

Another great thing about clickfunnels if you get the full version for $297 is the ability to use Backpack to find affiliates to promote your products and services.

This is a game changer for many people and business’s. Having affiliates promote your products can bring you tons of traffic, get backlinks and make you a ton of money you otherwise, would not of had.

Selling E commerce Products

This is where Clickfunnels is suppose to shine. By putting your existing products into a funnel in a single environment.

Now, according to CF, you don’t even need a website and that I do not agree with, but if you have a website selling ecom products then you could use the software to put all of your top selling products in funnels and see how well they do.

Of course most e commerce software now includes abilities to mimic a funnel when people are ordering from your site. But you might find CF to do better at selling certain products.

A/B Testing

A huge and great thing you can do with CF is the ability to A/B split test different checkout and funnel pages. This us hugely important. Without this ability you can never make your checkout process better thus gaining more sales.

Here is a link from a conversion optimization specialist’s point of view.

Start A Funnel Design Business

I have been in internet marketing since 1992 and I love the career and one of the things I love doing or seeing is a change of people websites.

Now, trust me here, I am not a great designer but I know good design that will sell when I see it and I know how to make things work.

So, one of the ways to use CF is you could revamp or even sell new funnels to people who have a business. This is fast becoming very lucrative as a career path and is in demand as more and more people try to sell online and don’t make any money.

By designing great looking funnels for people and companies, you will can help to transform companies from low volume sales to high energy packed sales machines.

Just look at what one man named Henry does.

Make Money Online With A Free Ebook

How Would Your World Change If You Knew The Secret To Making Money Online?

There are many ways to make money online, I know I’ve been doing it since 1995. And, I currently run a multi-million dollar supplements company every day from my home.

Who I Am

Todd JirecekAllow me to introduce myself, My Name is Todd Jirecek and I specialize in SEO and other online marketing area’s.

My home office while writing this blog post.

I know a lot about online marketing because I have studied it for over 20 years now. Sometimes, I think I know too much. Believe me, it’s a blessing and a curse to know what I know.

It took me years to acquire all the knowledge I have and trust me, my clients thank me for it daily.

Do you know what I have done for years?

What I have done is, make websites and get them listed in Google to make people money.

But, there is a better way!

First let me show you a new book by Russel Brunson. It’s called Expert Secrets and trust me it’s good and will teach you a faster way to make money online rather than make boring old websites like I do.

Go Ahead Click The Link To Check Out Russel’s Book.

Then you can return here and read why I think it’s so good.

Click here to get Russel’s Free Expert Secrets Ebook

Click here to get Russel’s Free Expert Secrets Ebook

Why Is This Better?

What this book will teach you is the concept of making and marketing funnels. I did this way back in 2000 and let me tell you the concept is still strong today.

You actually do not need a website at all if you don’t want to. You just use landing page software and build an email list and market to your prospects over and over again and again.

Yes, it’s that simple!

Funnels Really Do Make Money

yes, it’s very true funnels can and do make money when done right. I know, I started with funnel marketing back around 2000 with a book called Acne free in 3 days, which was sold on Clickbank and still to this day sells and makes money on Amazon.

The site was a simple sale letter that led people into a funnel. Of course in those days traffic was cheap and the funnels were less designed as they are now.

We never had anything like ClickFunnels back then and we would have been so happy to have something that could design our pages fast and easy. Back then, I did all the web design for the site and it was a pain to do daily.

Image Source Dotcom Secrets

Russel even walks you through his own start of selling a book about “How to make a potato gun”. Yes it was really that bad back then. lol.

As you can see from his site, he explains this was a really simple 2 page funnel. Buy and thank you was all it consisted of.

These days people have figured out funnels make money on the backend with having a lower price upfront. So if you sell supplements and you offer a free bottle for only paying shipping, then once they start the buying process, you then offer more of the same product for a lessor price or something else related.

This way you make money on the backend thus turning up your profits from the front end.

Below, Trey Lewellen explains how to make profit from a funnel on the backend.

What You Really Need, MONEY$ And Why People fail Their First Time Around

There are a couple of things at play here as well. You will need some way to get traffic. And for getting traffic that means, you will need either time or money.

As I see it from all my years doing internet marketing, this is one of the biggest hurdles that people face and it’s the one that makes them give up fast.

You search any video on Youtube today and you will see all of these people promoting Clickfunnels and all but the real thing they do not tell you is you will need cash set aside. And sure Facebook ads can be cheap right now if you know how to play that system. But, putting up an ad one time and getting 100 visitors to that ad is not what’s going to make you money.

It’s being consistent that will make you money. In other words, do things like figure out how much Facebook ads will cost you per click and then take a look at how many visitors it takes to get a sale. Which depending on your landing page etc., it could be 1 in 100 or maybe even 1 in 200. Or maybe it could be even a little better than that.

But say you take 1 in 100 will buy. Ok, but still that is not a lot for a day. That may be only around $5 – $10 a day maybe more, maybe less.

So looking at those numbers, you will want to get at least 500+ visitors a day to make any real money.

Now, these numbers are not set in stone but, the point is you will need real traffic numbers to be able to sit at home everyday working for yourself.

So, if you will be using paid advertising to make any real money, you will need to set money aside. I would say at-least $200-$500 for Facebook and a minimum of $1000 for Google Adwords.

Then, when you know this money is free and clear, and it doesn’t matter if you lose it or not, you can then begin you take action and start buying ads and thus begin your learning curve.

Or, if you want to try a little at a time buying Facebook ads, then go ahead. But, understand, that it’s consistent advertising that will make you the real money. This means advertising daily. Buying ads here and there should be a test to see what works for when you have more money set aside.

It Is Not Out Of Your Reach

By no means is internet marketing this way out of your reach. You just need to understand that if you will be using paid ads it’s going to take some money and after you finally save say $1000.00 that is free to you, then it gets interesting.

And you might just lose that $1000.00 as quickly as you would in a casino in Las Vegas. But, you have to try if you want to make it.

Your not being told this to scare you. Not at all. I just want things to be real for you so you know what you are getting into.

The Other Side Of The Story

See, you have to understand that, for every success story you hear, there are 10 who failed and had no success. I know, after 23 years in the business I have seen it all. I have seen people become wealthy and other lose everything they ever had and get divorced over it.

Think How You Will Get Traffic

Listen, the one thing I never hear these so called Guru’s of today talk about is what I call “the real truth”. I guess all this just comes from my years in the business and seeing many things.

So, when it comes to traffic it is totally true you will need to focus on one or two traffic sources and this is where you will make the bulk of your money. But, and this is a huge but! You will need to think “Backup Plan”.

Here’s what I mean. Let’s say you have a website and have become really good at SEO this past year. So, your website is getting a ton of traffic and you are making bank. Ok well, then Google releases another update and you are looking at ways to put food on the table after 2 successful years.

But, if you would have figured out, that you need say around $5000.00 to stay afloat buying Google Adword ads, then you could have put that money away sometime ago and used it later when you needed it.

So I am a huge proponent of diversity. And, if you have no idea how to get traffic from another source, then find someone who does.

So, the next time you watch another so called successful person on Youtube, just think to yourself and ask yourself these questions.

Another instance is, if have have one website making money from free SEO traffic then, you better get another also as a backup. Just make sure you have some sort of backup plan in place.

because, I am here to tell you. All of the things you built today can be taken from you tomorrow. And, I mean just about all of it. All of the traffic that is. Facebook ads, youtube ads, twitter ads, linked-in ads, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Free SEO traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing. All of these can be taken from you.

So I urge you to not be too cocky, I have seen these all taken away from other internet marketers before and they lost everything and the biggest reason they lost it all? They had no backup plan.

What If You Don’t Want To Buy Ads

Then, you will need a website with lots of great content, decent SEO and lots of free search engine traffic. This way takes time but, it can pay of huge in the long run.

In many ClickFunnels webinars and videos Russel talks about the death of websites. Well, don’t really take this to heart. Because free traffic is still alive and well. It’s just going to take you a lot of work to get going.

Your going to have to either write a lot of content or have someone else do it for you. But it can be done.

And then, once your site is getting a good amount of traffic, then you can add your ClickFunnel ads and links.


The point is yes, you can really make money from funnels. You just might need some training on what to do. In this post I have also shared the things I think that stop people from success when marketing this way.

Just take your time and remember to save your money and one day it will happen for you.