How can you make money with seo

How Can You Make Money With SEO

If you are new to online marketing, then you may be asking how can you make money with Seo?
And the answer is, there are a few ways to do so. However, it’s not just as easy as putting up a website and watching the traffic roll in like water.
There is work to be done, and you will need to learn SEO basics as well to get started.

Now, the primary way people make money with SEO is by having a website and getting that website listed on google.
But, there are a few ways you can go about it. You can also sell seo services once you become better at it.

So, let us take a look at the way others make money with seo.

Seo and websites

Everything starts with a site if you are trying to do seo. There is no other option here. If it’s not your website, it will be another website from someone else.

But, there are options available to you for a website. You can use WordPress websites, Magento, Dreamweaver or another website tool of your choice.

Everything Starts with content

Content is the backbone of seo. Without content and you don’t have anything. Google is all about it, and you should be too.

On your journey in Seo, you will need to learn content creation inside and out. Yes, it’s that important.

Many people who had no success in SEO, finally learned content and then everything changed for them.

In short, learn to become the best writer, you can be.

Ways To Make Money With SEO

So let us cover the ways there are to make money in seo.

Selling Seo Services

Once you finally hone your SEO skills and become a master, you can start helping others and make some cash in the process.

It’s best to have at least a year under your belt before you sell seo services unless you have a team behind you.

One team is They will do all the work for your clients and while you focus on nothing but selling.

Even if you are the best seo on the planet, there are only so many hours in a day. So, you will need help with your workload. And they can make it happen.

There are many ways to sell your services. You can concentrate on selling only to local companies if you like.

Or, you can find clients who are much more substantial businesses. It’s really up to you and what you are comfortable with handling.

It’s genuinely endless, once you know what you are doing.

Make Money as an affiliate

Another great way you can make some dough is by being an affiliate marketer.

Most times this starts with a website.

There are all sorts of ways to be an affiliate. You can start small also and build while you keep your day job.

You can either start niche websites or build big authority sites that get thousands of visitors a month. It’s all your choice.

A niche site is where you pick a topic about something and then build a smaller website around that theme.

And, once a topic is selected, then you start keyword research and then begin content creation.

Now, what I listed here is a simple overlay of how it happens, and there can be more to it. But, the single most significant thing is to keep it simple if you want to make some money.

Far too many others complicate things and then never get anything finished.

All they ever seem to end up with us frustration caused by overthinking.

Do not fall into the trap of shiny object syndrome. Meaning everything that comes along you buy and never finish.

Realize you are doing seo for a reason and focus solely on that. It’s this process which is how you make money with websites.

But I have seen it all the time, people always asking questions and looking for case studies to back up their thoughts.

And, what they need to do is trust in the process and make it happen.

Selling Your Own Product

One way to make money with seo is to start and sell your product.
You see, seo leads convert up to 44% in many cases and the reason is that people are looking for what you are writing about and then adding to your website.

So you could make just about any product and sell it with seo.

It could be a digital download or even some supplement products you have developed. It doesn’t matter, and the point is just to get started.
The way you sell a physical product online is by using an e-commerce system on your website

Creating Content on Other Websites

Remember how we told you content was the number one important thing you need to take action on when it comes to seo.

Well, it turns out if you don’t even have your website, you can get started writing content and aking others to add it to their sites.

Usually, this is called guest posting, and it works for you by writing a piece of content and then figure out the best place to get it listed.

Now, many places will not allow you to add your affiliate links to the articles you can to their website.

So you will have to be creative with this method to make money. But the whole basis is, getting your content listed in a search engine like Google to gain traffic.

Selling Your Services

So, maybe you are a landscaper, and you want more business from your website. Seo is a great way to get more business. We have been doing this for years for small companies and getting them listed on google and then watching them grow into a million dollar company.

So, you start with a little keyword research and see what people are searching for in your area. Agan as the Landscaper, it might be things like, “lawn mowing service” or snowplowing.So, what you do is go home every night after work and write an article.

Again content is that important.And, if you keep this up and write an article every night, pretty soon you will have many pieces to get people to your website. And you will get lots of traffic and then after the traffic is when the money follows.

It doesn’t matter what type of services business you have either. Almost any small business owner can start a website and get traffic from Google and make it happen.

Those are the two primary ways you can make money with seo.

So, now let’s cover the three basics you need to make it happen no matter what you decide.
The steps are simple.
1. Write high-quality content
2. Keyword research for low competition keywords
3. Make it happen, don’t lose focus

There are more things you will learn later on down the road, and it’s always good to read about your craft.

But the single most significant piece of advice I can give you is to make it happen.

What you have to do when trying to start a website where you want to get traffic from seo is just get started.

Pick a date when you will finally check how much traffic you have received. And you can even set a time where you will give up if you don’t think it’s working for you.

But, by far the most successful people we know in this field are the ones who make things happen and don’t look up.

Forget continually seeing how others are doing it. Forget all the latest fads to come out. Just ignore the hype and keep your nose to the grindstone and create more and more content.

It will be helpful to you if you treat it as a job, you must get done for a client. And that client is you. Label yourself as your name and Inc. after it if you have to.
Just get it done.

Creating content is the most important thing you can do period.

You know we have covered this before, but it’s that important to your overall success with seo.
Learn how to write and type as it will serve you well later on when you have to create a ton of content for your websites.

Keyword Research

Ok, this is very important as well. Get it wrong here, and you could be waiting forever for the thing to happen or even worse yet have to double down and dive into the world of black hat search engine optimization.

Now, when your first starting out with seo, your website will not have much authority in Google or even Bing.

So, you have to be careful here to choose low competition keywords, write great long content and then try to get listed in the engine.

We have seen it all the time, people start out with website marketing and think they have to choose all the keywords that get significant traffic.
They use a tool like a google keyword planner and see words that are getting 10,000 or more searches a month and think that is the way to go. It’s not when your first starting out.

If your website is brand new, it will take Google a while to trust you. And they do this for two reasons. One is they want to people to use Google AdWords so they can make a profit and two it not as easy for people to game their search results if things take time.

So, always find low competition keywords and do not be afraid if you see keywords that show they get little search traffic.

These keywords can bring in hordes of traffic when you combine different articles and keyword.

So do not fall into the trap when starting out that you need essential traffic keywords.

Show Google you mean business and write plenty of articles with the low competition low traffic keywords, and you will start to see over time the process works.

jaaxy keyword toolOne keyword tool that will help in this area is Jaaxy keyword tool. This tool is perfect for beginners and experts as well. It works by showing you the exact competition you are up against for a keyword.

Once you use the tool, you will find keywords, you never thought which were actually keywords you can rank for.

Again, when using this tool, you can find many low traffic keywords that actually do get searched every month in Google. So, for a brand new website, it’s best to go after low hanging fruit or long tail keywords. And these long tail words, actually do convert much better than regular keywords.

So remember, with lower traffic keywords, you make up on volume of all these keywords together. In other words, once you write articles for all these keywords you will combine all of this traffic together.

Make It Happen

As we said, the most critical part is just to take action when trying to make money from seo. If you don’t get started and get your writing done, you will get frustrated and just give up. And, we don’t want to see that for you.

Does Your Ecommerce Site Need A Blog

This is a very interesting and good question from a client I received the other day.

And the fact is just about any website can benefit from a blog. A local site can, an ecommerce store, a plumbers site can, a local car wash, you name it and they all can benefit from a blog.

After all, a blog is pretty much how we used to do things back in the old days and it was called a website.

But, the point being is that, you are writing to either inform, or help others and this can certainly be done on an eCommerce site no problem.

But I sell jewelry, what can I write about? You can write about a ton of you really think about it.

Looking At Your Customer

A blog exists to either help or inform and what you need to do first is to think about your exact customer, who is the one who will buy all of your products and services.

And I am talking about getting down to the nitty gritty of your exact customer. Who are they? What do they do? What do they like? What age are they? Think of all these things and try to narrow down the exact person as if you saw them and pointed them out in a crowd somewhere.

Now, once you do this think, what can you do to help them? What problems do they have with the things that you sell? How can you make their life better?

Think all of these things and don’t skimp here? Take your time thinking even if it takes a week or more.

The reason you want to do this is because you want to capture their attention when the find your site. In other words you want to help them! And think real hard because yes, even customers has issues with Jewelry.

Wow Them With Content

Once you have their persona figured out, and how you can help them it’s time to build content to help and wow them.

Consider a small startup company called Groove, who makes help-desk support software. They were able to build a $5 million a year business all with content marketing. And no, they didn’t just write about their grandma had for lunch either. They chose the route of helping people which in turn made them money.

They went back to the drawing board several times because they were losing money. Then once they figured out who their customers were and what types of problems they were having, they hooked people easily.

So, your content needs to be good. In fact there are all kinds of content marketing strategies you will he from many who do it on a daily basis.

What Do I write About?

So, if your thinking what in the hell do I write about I clean windows and sell window stuff on my site for crying out loud, think again. There is plenty you can write about.

First you can write about your products and services and go into detail about each one. you could even have a spotlight of the month for your products. You could explain how each one will help whoever buys it.

Once you do that you could write about what your company is doing to help the community. Or even your last company picnic.

Now why would I write about the picnic? Because it builds trust to your customers that, you are a real company who is there for them and not some flyby night internet scam. Yes, even goofy pictures of you eating corn, can set the tone for trust.

It’s Exposure

Now it’s true you need to promote just as well as you write content but, just having a blog keeps you in your prospects minds. And if you have an email list you can send all your blog articles to your current subscribers and prospects.

It’s a great way to make them not forget about you.

Google And Other Search Engines

If there is one thing Google likes it’s content. This is the real reason Google is there. They provide nothing but content to the people who search in their engine.

And, if you keep blogging on a continuous basis, Google will reward you for doing so. Now, it’s not a must to write a new page every single day but, if you can a couple of times a week is great to keep feeding the content machine.

Start A Help Site

while not truly a blog, a help site is still content that helps customers. And this is a big thing you are after is to help others. So, content on here needs to be just as good as it would be on your blog.

Plus you can point all the help articles to helpful related blog posts also.


A blog is a great thing for any site to have. Every website is about content in some form or another and using a blog as a way to help others and inform them about your products and services is the best way you can start to bring more traffic to your whole eCommerce store.

Just make sure to point your blog articles to the pages you want people to find the most and the traffic will be sure to follow after some hard work and promotion.

And do not forget promotion at all, its a very important step for your blog to gain traffic and customers.

Internal Linking and Why Your Website Needs It

Internal Linking Introduction

Adding internal links is one of the most often over looked aspects of SEO and or website marketing. Many webmasters don’t understand the concept or don’t even know they need to do it. But, if you think about the nature of the web it all starts to make perfect sense.

You see, the web by nature was meant for links and linking documents together. That is one of the most beautiful things about the internet. You start reading an article and then you can click another link that the author has referenced for what they wrote.

It also does one of two things very well:

  1. It helps people by providing links they can click on to better search what they are looking for.
  2. It helps search engines understand your website or blog much better.

Ok so, let’s cover the reasons why you need to be using internal links. And this goes for any affiliate marketer out there. Many people in the affiliate space are worried about having links on their pages. They think they will not convert. But, if you want the traffic you will need to link your pages.

How Links Help Your Site Visitors

Having a sound on site linking plan can help you visitors navigate your site better. And, it can actually keep them coming back for more. The reason is they see your pages a very valuable.

Also, if over used in page links can be harmful. (R)

You can also see from this Moz study, internal links were on of the core components to help author Dmitry Dragilev rank for the term “sales management”, a 9900 volume search term in under 3 months. (R)

How it helps your SEO

According to Google, internal links are important. They even include a internal links report in the Google search counsel. You can use this tool to view your internal links and see what pages look important to Google and if there are less important pages with too many internal links so you can restructure your internal links if needed. (R)

You should also never no=follow your internal links if you want your other pages to rank in Google. (R)

According to page 10 of the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, they reference site structure and internal links via using breadcrumbs on your site. (R)

You can also see Google reference here from Search Counsel help, from the very first sentence on the page that, links within your site are a signal to engines about the relevance of the linked page.

google search guide

The bottom line is Google will use your internal links when their bot comes to your site. This will help the bot explore and follow the pages better. Which in-turn can help with your SEO by Google having a better understanding of your website. (R)

WordPress Internal Linking

WordPress is a great content management system many websites and blogs now use today. And it comes with it’s own structure you can use right out of the box if you wish.

When using posts in WP, you can choose to use categories. I would keep your categories down to 12 or less. But if you take a edit the top of each category and add some fresh text you can use these pages for ranking some pretty high competition keywords.

How Many Links on A Page

yoast how many links on a page

According the Yoast, there used to be a rule of no more than 100 links on a page but, Google has since removed this from their webmaster guidelines. (R)

Still however, you might need to look at your anchor text on page for your links as they might include too many keywords thus, causing an over-optimization on your site.

Where It Makes Sense, Related pages

As a rule of thumb only link pages that are relevant together. If you are linking un-relevant pages then, this can make it harder for Google and your website visitors to understand.

You should also add the internal links in the content of your pages and not in the header, footer or side bar as, these hold less weight to the GoogleBot. (R)

Should You Use a Plugin

If you are using a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress then yes it makes sense to use a plugin for internal linking. But not all plugins are created equal.

One of the best plugins for internal website links is the newer version of Yoast SEO. This plugin no features a suggested links you can manually add to the content on your website which is the best way it should be done.

Use of automatic internal linking plugns can hurt your SEO. This can happen because these plugins create too many links with the same anchor text which can trigger a over optimization penguin penalty.

Links To your Money Pages

Another thing you can do with adding links to your website is try and point more links to your more important money pages. This will help signal to Google that the page is more important.

Again, you can use the Google search counsel here with the internal links tool to figure out which pages have the most internal links.

This is also a part of site technical auditing and there are other tools like screaming frog you can use also to check where the most internal ones are on your site.

What Anchor Text to Use

Anchor text usage is always up for big debate when it comes to internal linking on websites. There are many who say you should always try and make your links different and other so called guru’s who say it doesn’t matter.

According to Google’s John Muller, Google does take internal links into consideration and John goes on to say do not over optimize the keywords in these links. (R)

But still, can anchor text have anything to do with ranking or degrading a page. Search Engine Watch noted Shaun Anderson of Hobo Web did a test and indeed the anchor text had to do with the page ranking. (R)

Tools to Help

There are a whole host of tools you can use for internal linking on your own website. One of my favorites is Website Auditor from Link Assistant. This software can identify all of your internal links and even show you the counts of where the most links are going to.

There is also Deep Crawl. This online software can really help you understand your website structure and it will deliver it in an easy to understand manner.

Links in the Main content

The best place to add your links is in your main content of your website. Adding links around the footer or header just do not add as much weight. Google tends to look at links in this location more than others as a sign of a good link. But they can also see spammy links here too. (R)


The bottom line is internal links are very important for any website to rank and for visitor experience. Links are one of the foundations of the web which make it what it is. But, as we have also seen, too many internal links can harm a pages user experience.

So in short, link where it makes sense and is relevant for your users and Google will follow suit by following all of your links and thus understanding your website much better.

Why is My Blog Not Getting Traffic

Why is my blog not getting traffic? Here’s why!

We’ve heard this time and time again. Many people start a blog, and then they burn out because they are not getting any traffic or, very little traffic. And they ask why is my blog not getting traffic?

New webmasters always start very Gung-ho with their new blog. They write and write for a few weeks, and then they give up!

Why, what gives? Well for starters it takes time and dedication to make a blog happen with a ton of traffic, and then there is the promotion aspect that also.

Content is the #1 thing that needs to be produced and it must good. There are many theories out there about how much content you need and how many links back to your blog also.

The truth is each one of these has their own aspect and each one can produce traffic. It just matters how you go about it.

For instance, there are bloggers out there who say, you have to produce tons of content every single day, and then the traffic happens and, for the most part, this is true.

There are also smaller content sites that get a ton of traffic because they have excellent promotion strategies and a ton of good backlinks.

So, either way, you look at it, you have to decide what it is you want to write about or what your site will be about and then commit in a marathon type of stance instead of a sprint.

So, with that said, here are some reasons your blog might not be getting the traffic you want or even deserve.

No Keyword Research

Now it’s true some blogs out there just write and only think about the topics they want to write about and then create those articles and get a ton of traffic.

Mostly those blogs are already established with a massive amount of backlinks and or articles. They are not banking on any single piece getting traffic from any search engine.

But, when you start out, you will want to do some research for the keywords your audience might be searching.

But, don’t go after general search terms at all. Hone in on long tail search words with the low competition when you first start out. This way you will see some traffic and not get burned out.

You also might want to look at your new blog as something you just do to relieve stress, and that’s writing.

Then, once you get a host of articles, you can go back and look at your analytics stats.

Even Yoast, the top quality SEO, will tell you. They don’t also focus on keywords any longer when they write articles.

Because he is a well-established website, that holds value in Google so many of their articles will rank once published.

Your goal should be to get to this point where they are but, at first keyword research will help you gain traffic you want.

No Promotion

No, this is not built it, and they will come. But, that can happen to a blog, but it takes a very long time.

So instead you want to find ways to promote your articles to the masses. And, one of the best ways to do this is to use social media for promotion.

You should create an account at all the big social networks and then build your followers.

This way, when you create new content, you can promote it to your followers. Your followers will see the original material, and some will even share it. It will in-turn also give you some backlinks.

You should also be building an email list from day one as well. Once you have a decent list of emails, you can then send your new content to your email list getting more traffic from people who already trust you.

Yes, promotion is that important. An outstanding company to help you with the promotion is The Hoth. They provide many promotion services including link building, social advertising, press releases and even blog writing.

Remember blog writing is a form of promotion as well. It’s the keep going and provides more content to Google strategy, and it works over time if you pick the right keywords.

Your Content Sucks

If you think about it, search engines are all about the content. Without it, there is nothing left to index. So, this is why the content experience is so valuable.

Your content should help the people coming to your site first. And, it’s okay to include some promotion in your articles, that is not a problem. But, you cannot make it only for you or your company.

When thinking up things to write about, you have to keep in mind who will be coming to your blog in the first place.

In other words, the more relevant you write your articles, the more interesting your content will be. If you talk about shoes when your content should be about socks, then no one will be interested in what you have to say.

You need to think up your customer persona and what they like. Once you do that, you write towards this person.

While there are no actual limits to how many words a blog post must be, it must be exciting and cover all aspects of the topic you are writing.

You want it to be different also then all the other articles out there on the web. You want a different voice, you want to solve peoples problems and issues with your content.

User Experience is Not Good

It can fall hand in hand with content as well. If the user experience is wrong, then your rankings in search engines like Google will falter. They just won’t be good at all.

It also includes your website design. If your website looks old and untrustworthy, then Google might have given you a chance at traffic for a bit and then realized many people started leaving your site because of these issues.

The Future Of Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of those things in marketing that changes all the time but also stays the same year in and year out. Sure, there are always changes being made by company’s like Google as they try to figure-out how to combat spam and more.

But, one thing is certain and that is the future of search engine optimization is always uncertain. While using seo is one of the hardest tactics to use in online marketing, it can also be the most rewarding and for a few reasons.

SEO Pyramid Shows The Use Of Keywords Links And Optimizing

One is, it can take a long time to get going to get anywhere with it. Sometimes you have to have hundreds of pages before your blog will get any notice or Google love. Also, you have to create tons of quality content to make it worth anything. And many people do not want to write day in and day out.

But either way lets cover a little more on the future of search.

Google Is Always Improving

One thing is for certain and that is, Google is always looking for ways to serve their users better. Now the hard part to swallow here for an affiliate marketer is Google doesn,t really care about your website. What they care about is making sure their users find what they are looking for. And sometimes this means not even using something from your website and using something from Googles database.

So, if you rely on SEO as your number one tactic for online marketing you better always have a back up plan. Because you will always see companies like Google testing things out to help support their users better.

So, one thing you want to always consider is how Google will change things and try to leave yourself with a way to adapt.

Search Engines Will Always Combat Spam

Until they figure other ways to not use links, Search engines will always be on the look out for spam. Also more and more people everyday are inventing new ways to try and game Google so they must adapt also and learn how to stop it.

Mobile Search Will Continue To Rule

Mobile search has come a long way and so much so that Google has put it into the spotlight for all to see. But what’s interesting is there will most likely be new and different mobile devices coming in the future we can’t even think of yet. It is these new devices that we need to be on the look out for. Remember Blackberry and then all of a sudden came the iPhone?

Google will Continue to Break Things Up

As you can see when you look at a SERP in Google, especially for local search, you can see things broken up into the knowledge graph, local listings, news and more. One thing you should be aware of is, Google keeps on testing and may add new things from time to time to better help their users.

Algorithm Updates

You can count on the fact that Google will always be updating and releasing new algorithms within their search engine just about every single month. They have to try and get rid of search spam and try to make things better for users. Plus they will continue to evolve more and more always refining their process. You can bet that, if someone is trying to game Google they will release an update for it.

Don’t Forget Yahoo & Bing

You cannot forget Yahoo and Bing. Yahoo has been around since 1995 and surely they gave way to Google because they just didn’t have it in them to beat Google. But one player is Bing. Bing just might come out of nowhere and rule the land such as they have in the past. But only time will tell. Besides Bings results aren’t really too bad these days.

Affiliate Marketing And Search

Affiliate Marketing is on the rise for search as more and more people are making websites to be found in Google. So this is where you need to keep an watchful eye. The American FTC is always looking out for people are not being truthful with their marketing practices.

So let’s say you have an affiliate website and you sell products from Amazon. It’s a rule now where you need to disclose you are an affiliate getting paid an endorsement for recommending a product. This all came about because people were misrepresenting who they were and if they were selling things. Some websites have been taken down and the owner’s of the business were fined because they did not disclose who they were and what they sold.

So don’t make this same mistake, because search engines like Google will be very soon to follow and make sure webmasters are complying with these rules.

So What Do I Need To Do In SEO Now?

Well, SEO has already changed. It used to be where webmasters would find keywords and just go right down the line with what keywords they found. So, they would create pages for widgets, red, widgets, blue widgets, green widgets and so on. But these days, what you want to do is cover more topics so all the keywords you find would essentially fit to one page. So, in the case of the widgets example you would have all of the other color widgets also on the same one page under headings and not in separate pages of their own.

A good amount of this can be covered in this video from SEMRush and Moz.