About us

Website Marking Today was started in 2007 as the premier marketing magazine for online professionals and is owned and operated by Website Marketing Pros LLC.

We deliver today’s internet news and tips for affiliates and more. Our experience in online marketing is vast with over 20 years in the field. We have seen many things when it comes to marketing on the internet. And, with this blog we aim to help others get started marketing online the correct way.

There are many ways to make money online but we always tell any of our customers and friends to always start with a website.

We started marketing online back in 1994 when the internet was still very young and when web spam ran rampant on the internet. The web has changed since then and much of it was for the better.

Our professionals who write, work and play here all have huge amounts of experience with internet marketing. And, we also accept guest posts from people with experience in online marketing so you can learn how others do it too.

We aim to cover news and teach how to’s and tips about online marketing. Some of the things we cover are tips on seo, sem, ppc, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization and more.

If you ever have any questions for us about what we are doing or anything online marketing, feel free to ask away and use our contact page.

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