2 Simple Tips To Effectively Promote Your Affiliate Offers

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Face it, there’s millions of affiliate offers to promote out there.

So the problem isn’t usually “Which offer do I promote?” but more importantly:

How should I promote my affiliate offer?

That’s what I’m going to cover in the quick post so keep reading on.

2 Simple Tips To Effectively Promote Your Affiliate Offers

Before I get into the tips, I want to recommend against one thing first that I see all the time.

So when someone first gets involved with affiliate marketing, many times they will first go to the one spot where the most amount of people know (or follow) them.

Social media.

And from there they will blindly post a link to whatever it is they are promoting.

While it is possible to get a commission or two, there are a few reasons why I recommend against this (especially if you’re new):

  • Many will see it as spam.
  • Many might even remove you as a friend.
  • Your Facebook friends aren’t always going to be a targeted audience.

There’s a better way.

Many ways actually.

And with these tips, you’ll be able to build a targeted following of people who actually want to hear what you have to talk about.

Let’s dive into the first and most important tip.

Build An Email List

Why is this so important?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • You can market and follow up with them for a very long time (or until the unsubscribe).
  • It includes emails of people who are actually interested in what you offer.

Another great benefit of email marketing is email follow-ups.

Followups allow you to write emails and then have them sent out whenever you like.

Autoresponder followups can go as long as you want.

Many find this one of the sexiest aspects of email marketing, and I’d have to agree.

After all, it’s pretty much set and forget after you add the emails.

Just keep building your email list and the messages will automatically go out to your subscribers.

Plus the ROI is phenomenal too.

Especially when you consider how inexpensive email marketing is (ConvertKit example here).


Onto the last tip now.

Utilize Sales Funnels

Sales funnels have become extremely popular nowadays, but not as much when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Ironically enough, sales funnels are just as powerful when promoting someone else’s offer.

Here’s how you can utilize share funnels to promote your affiliate offer.

Bridge Pages

This is also referred to as a pre-sell page and is usually put right before the affiliate offer that you are going to take them to.

Bridge pages allow you to effectively sell your audience about your affiliate marketing which includes:

  • The benefits.
  • What’s in it for them.
  • What they get with it.
  • Why you are recommending it.
  • And you can’t forget about the bonuses as well.

Bridge pages are highly known for increasing your conversions, which makes sense when you just add bonuses alone.

Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Which brings me to my next point with sales funnels.

Bonus Pages

So not only can you create bonus pages, but you can also use sales funnels for your bonus download pages.

Whether it is just a standard landing page or gated membership site area, bonus download pages are perfect for delivering what your audience wants along with making a few more recommendations.

And one more perk when it comes to sales funnels.

Lead Generation Pages

Just like I talked about in the first tip, you can use sales funnels to build your email list as well.

Here’s the process I’ve used many times for promoting affiliate offers with sales funnels.

  1. Send traffic to lead generation page (and grab their email).
  2. They go to a thank you page (they get a free video and recommended affiliate offer).
  3. I then follow up with them through email marketing and the automated followup emails.

Pretty cool right?

It’s a pretty simple process overall.

Alright, let’s wrap up this post now.


So when it comes to promoting affiliate offers, here are two things you certainly must consider:

  1. Building an email list.
  2. Levering sales funnels.

Remember, they go hand-in-hand too.

And while there might be a small investment to use at first, these are two types of tools that easily pay for themselves.

Thank you for reading.

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