Does Online Marketing Really Work

So, you are looking to make money and have a dream of making money on the internet.  And, you are asking yourself does online marketing really work?

And the answer to that question is yes!  You can make money on the internet.

But, I caution you here.  There are many scammers today online.  Back when I got started in internet marketing, there was nowhere near what there is today.

These days everyone seems to be selling some program, idea or get rich quick scheme to making money on the internet.

So, in your search I want to cover some basic fundamentals you need to keep in mind when picking a training program for marketing on the internet, so you don’t waste your money.

I have been marketing online since 1993 and have helped companies make tens of millions of dollars online.  And, none of it happened overnight.

But, know this, with hard work and sometimes a little luck you can make a full-time income online and maybe even more.

Get The Quick Way To Riches Out Of Your Mind

Before I cover anything, I want you to get the thought of getting rich quick gone from your mind.  Sure, there are some people who have seemed to make money overnight.

But usually if you dig deep, there was something under it all that made it happen and it took time and energy.

If you are addicted to internet marketing success stories, then when you read them always ask yourself the question was there more that happened?

And I guarantee if you dig you will see all the sweat, energy and many times money that went into it all.

Take blogging for example.  Many times you may read a story about a successful blog getting tons of traffic.  But, what they don’t tell you is how many articles it took them to get that traffic.  And, the story might not even mention what the blog actually makes.

The Two Ways To Get Traffic

If you are new to marketing online and are not aware, traffic is important.  And there are only two ways to get traffic.  Those two ways are free and paid.

Either, you are going to put a lot of time and energy into creating traffic the free way or you need to spend money and get traffic.

And, free traffic really is not free, because you have to put a lot of time and energy into creating traffic.  But, if you do free traffic the right way it can pay off in the end.

Paid traffic can be things like pay per click, solo ads and social media ads.  And, some of these can cost you depending on the niche you are in.

What To Think About After Any Marketing Training

I’ve been marketing online for over 25 years and I have seen it and heard it all.  As I said before there are tons of people now online selling programs, some are good and some are complete BS.

So, after you read or see any training program, you need to ask yourself some questions.  And, the reason is this; because many of these training programs are not complete and leave much out of the picture.

Before you sign up for any program and waste your last saved dollar, ask yourself is this a complete program?

Look For Anything That Skips The Basics

I see it all the time.  People who are selling programs, who state oh, blogging is a waste of time or this is a waste of your time.  Do what I know and I can prove it too you.

Now, some of these people have decent programs but, when they tell you things like blogging is a waste of time and you need to just run paid ads and your good.  Take that with a grain of salt.

Why?  Well, because these people care nothing about you and are just looking to sell you a bag of goods.  Also, they know nothing about hard work and building a foundation online.

One of those foundations is your website.  If you have one along with other ways you are marketing, you are building a real business and not just some house of cards.

What Do You Need To Market Online?

There are different ways to market online these days.  But, like I said you want to build some type of foundation which acts as a backup.

And one of the best ways to do that is to build a helpful blog.  Now, blogging is not the only way to get anywhere online.  It just happens to be my chosen way that works for me.

The benefit of blogging is after you write a ton of high-quality content, you can get tons of traffic.  Then, the challenge becomes converting that traffic.

Or, you can create a landing page and capture emails and then send emails.

Picking A Niche

One of the first things you should do is pick a niche you want to go into.  I would pick something you love so it doesn’t become too much work later on.

If you happen to love what you are focused on then you will tend to keep at it much better.

Figure out If you Want Free Traffic Or Paid

If you have the money then you can certainly use paid traffic to start with.  It can be as easy as making a landing page and then sending facebook ads to capture emails.

Or, if you want to take the slower route with SEO and free traffic then it’s going to take longer but be well worth it in the end.

In The End

In the end, marketing online does work and you can really make money with it.  But, you need to know how to do it correctly.  And once you figure things out the skys the limit.

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