How To Sell Baby Products Online

If you want to learn how to sell baby products online, many people these days see others selling clothes online at places like Amazon and E bay. They may have also heard stories of many people making lots of money as well.

sell baby products online

After all this is a business that started truly back in the 90’s when E bay made selling things through an auction popular. Many people started jumping on the bandwagon and started selling. I remember even hearing stories of a father and son team who would go to a store and buy used clothing and then turn around and resell them online. Supposedly they made their monthly income this way.

Either way, whether it was back then in the 90’s or today in the late 2000’s, people are still making money online selling products like baby clothes.

Some people have made this a full-time job while others have only made it a part-time venture. Some of the full-time mommy bloggers out there even have a warehouse setup where they ship the products from.

How One Client Made Money Online

I myself also had a client in the early 2000s who actually had an old store he rented out and hired kids from the local college to post products on eBay all day long. When I visited him I would see his computer always saying he won another auction and someone was buying his products. And yes, some of those products were Baby clothes.

Selling baby clothes online is also the perfect part-time job for the retired and a stay-at-home mom. You might have to get a little backing to help you buy the products if you do not currently have an income, however. But the point is, it can still be done.

So Here’s How To Sell Baby Products Online?

There are several ways anyone can sell baby clothes online. Below I will list a few ways you can start to think about if you are wanting to go down this route.

You can either start your own thing or you can sell on another platform. But just remember if you sell on another platform you have to follow their rules.

Starting Your Own Website To Sell Baby Products

The first way is to start your own website or eCommerce store. You could even start a blog if you like. With a blog, you would just blog about certain pieces of clothing and maybe even include a buy button near the bottom of the post.

The way any website or blog gets traffic is mainly form search engines. And you want to be prepared to write a lot of content with this model. Content works and can work really well but you need a good amount of it and it has to be good content that is helpful.

There are many people out there who have started their own blog and and sell products. If you enjoy writing it’s the perfect part time gig.

With a blog or website, you would pick a general idea niche, and then you would write articles focused on that central topic. You could pick the niche of motherhood and then write about all the topics associated with that. And, some of your articles would be reviewing baby products. Then you include a link to the affiliate program within the content. When people click on the link and buy the product you get a commission.

How Other Bloggers Sell From On Their Blogs

Some bloggers might also put banners up in their posts instead of links. There are those that say banners work better than links. But you will really have to test things out to see what works best for you.

Either way many people choose the content model because it’s easy to get started in especially if you like writing your own content.

And there are only tow ways you get get content up on a website. And those are either you write everything yourself of you hire someone else to write for you.

Many people choose to start writing at first and then once they have some capital they can later hire writers for them. And there are many places online to hire writers. You can go to Freelance, Fiverr and more. But, just remember you want quality content and not just some junk. So you will have to evaluate your writers at first to see how well they do. Then, once you find someone you trust you can begin to scale.

And with content, it’s all about scaling and growing your content.

Make sure you content is at least 800 to 1500 words long also. But, don’t make it that long if you can’t write anymore about a topics. The thing to ask yourself is, if the content you wrote answers the question and explains in good detail, then you are move on to the next articles.

Selling On Amazon

Another way to learn how to sell baby products online on platforms such as Amazon. With Amazon, you will need to find real products somewhere and then you post up the products for sale at a price.

If someone wants what you are selling then, you are in the money. Just also realize that places like Amazon and E bay charge a small fee for being able to sell your products. Sometimes it’s just a small price to pay if what you are selling makes good money. And the real way to make any money selling these clothes is in volume.

Start An E commerce Store

Another way people are selling baby clothes online is by start their very own eCommerce store.

The biggest place these people flock to is Shopify. But, just remember because you saw some guy on a YouTube video saying he sold 1 million in products does not mean it will happen for you overnight. Always remember there is a learning curve to selling anything online. And the chances of you selling a huge amount for a Shopify store right away is not likely.

With an E commerce store you will also need to learn things like SEO and content writing. And, these things do take time to learn unless you have the money to hire an expert.

but, with all that said, if you take the proper approach you can make it with an eCommerce store.

How To Get Traffic

There are truly only two ways of getting traffic and those are either free or paid. The problem is most people don’t really have any money to put up to use paid traffic. And paid traffic can take time because it’s not always a one out of the box situation either. Many times with paid traffic you have to do branding campaigns where people see your ad over and over again and then decide to visit your store.

With Free traffic like SEO, you have to work hard at it before it pays off. But if done right it can pay off big time. But, if you know nothing about SEO then plan to spend a good amount of time learning SEO.


There are truly many ways to learn how to sell baby products online, and we just showed you the most popular ways many people are selling them.

Just remember if you are new to selling online, you will want to spend some time learning before you take the leap. Invest in an online marketing course and take your time learning from it. It will be worth it.

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