How to Choose a Niche for Affiliate Marketing

If you are thinking of how to make money online, you might have asked how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing? There are several things you want to keep in mind so you don’t waste a ton of time and money in the process.

It happens a lot and sometimes takes people years in affiliate marketing to make even just a dollar and many give up way before they even make that. This is why some people invest in affiliate education to help speed up the process and not make those terrible mistakes.

Everything in affiliate marketing start with picking the niche you want to get into. It’s the foundation that will help you for years to come if you decide to stay with everything.

So, now lets cover all the things you need to think about when getting started.

Searching For Your Niche

There are many tools you can use if you have no idea of what niche you want to get into. Some of these tools are:

  • Google search
  • Keyword Tools
  • Clickbank
  • Anwser The Public
  • Google Trends

Google Search –

Using Google when picking a niche requires you to use your brain power. At first you might get frustrated and give up going this route. But if you stick with it you can find a great niche in a matter of time.

Keyword tools

Using keyword tools you can uncover some pretty prfitable niches. Some of the keyword tools out there you can use are, the Google keyword planner (Requires a Google Ads account). Wordtracker, Ubersuggest and Jaxxy.

The problem with using a tool like the Google keyword planner is, everyone else is using the same tool and Google usually only shows terms that are meant for pay per click advertising. And over half the searches done on Google are long-tail and sometimes never seen before.

So, it’s best to use different tools to do searches as you are trying to find your niche.

Using Amazon, you can find many different niches where they sell many things from books to lawn mowers.


ClickBank has been around for a while and offer many things in the affiliate space from books to courses. You can search their market place and find many different products in many different niches.

Answer The Public

This is a cool tool where you can ask questions and get many different ideas back. It’s a great place to start when first searching for a niche.

Google Trends

Google Trends looks like a very simple tool when you first glance at it. But do not let that fool you. It’s a very powerful tool that Google allows you to see inside certain niches and really see if there is anything there.

Selling Higher Ticket Items

One thing you want to keep in mind is the amount of commission you will make off of the products you sell. You don’t want to waste a ton of time into writing content for a website only to make a few bucks off of a book sale.

So, think it terms of something that will allow you to make a sustainable income over time. For example, let’s just say you love lawn mowers. If you make a high traffic website and review lawn mowers, you can make a pretty decent commission of the sale of one mower.

So, just keep this in mind as you search for your new niche.

Is There A Market

Another thing to keep in mind is, is there a market for the niche you want to go into? Many people make this mistake, do tons of work, only to find out no one is searching for what they sell.

How To See If There Is a Market

If you use Google Chrome, there is a plugin you can use called The Keywords Everywhere Tool. This tool will allow you see see how many searches a month are done for any keyword you type into Google.

keywords everywhere tool

It’s a great tool and all you have to do is install it into Chrome, sign up for an API key and you are good to go. Then, just like the image above, every search you do on Google will let you see how many searches are done a month for that keyword term.

See Where The competition Get’s Their Traffic From

One thing you want to do after you find some decent keywords and possibly a good niche, is see where others in your market get their traffic from.

A good tool to use for this is Similarweb. The tools do cost money for the pro version but you can use the limited free version to get a feel for where others get their traffic from.


In the picture above, you can see we did an analysis for Neil Patel’s website and you can get a feel for where his traffic comes from. You can see the two sources, that send him the most traffic are Search and direct.

How Will You Get Traffic

One thing you need to think about is, how will you get traffic to your affiliate offers? This is an important step many new affiliates do not think about only to find out later and are left scratching their heads.

Now, realize there are two types of traffic. And those are paid traffic and free traffic.

Traffic is an important step you will need to consider because traffic is everything in online marketing.

Choosing How You Will Sell

After you pick your niche, you will need to choose how you are going to sell your products and or services. And, for this we suggest you use a website. But many other do sell on Amazon or other affiliate marketing platforms.

If you choose to start a website (A good choice) realize it will take time to get that website off the ground.

Choose Something You Have Experience In

When it comes to picking a niche, you might want to think about picking one you have experience in. But this will also depend on how much competition there is as well.

Did you ever work somewhere that you really enjoyed it? if so use the above tools and idea’s to search out that niche and get a feel for how much competition there is.

Will You Sell Products or Services

Another thing you want to give thought to is, will you be selling products or services? You want to really give this some thought because if you sell products, you have to think about housing the product, how you will ship it and more. Unless you are just recommending affiliate products on your website.

Picking A Low Competition Niche

Now, we talked about many ways to choose your niche. And, some of those were choosing something you have experience in and more. But, you can also find low competition niches that are ripe for the taking even if you know nothing about them.

The easiest way here would be to find the niche, make a website, pick article titles and the find someone to write the articles for you. Then all you have to do is post these articles on your website.

Of course, you will want to use a keyword tool and find low difficulty keywords. To find low competition and low difficulty keywords you can use a tool such as Rank Tracker from Link assistant.

rank tracker keyword difficulty

Do not make the mistake of choosing high competition keywords when first starting an affiliate website. You will write a ton of articles and never get anywhere or listed high in any search engine until you get some traction.

This is why it’s important to understand keyword research fully and make the right choices for your new site. Then once you find the right keywords you will just need to know how to properly add the keywords to your site.

Affiliate marketer Jay from Lazy Ass Stoner talks about finding low competition niches and how to make your website in the video below. In his video he gives you all the steps you need to follow after picking your niche and make your website properly.

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