Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable

Many new people looking to make a buck online ask is affiliate marketing profitable? And the truth is yes, it can be. But, you have to know what you are doing to make money full-time online. It doesn’t just happen overnight and anyone who tells you that it does is lying.

If you decide to go the website route then you are in for a lot of work. And the work you will be doing is writing and more writing. So, if you like to write then you should have no issues. Otherwise, affiliate marketing may not be the thing for you.

is affiliate marketing profitable

What It Really Takes To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

Not different people make money online in many different ways. But the way we teach and choose to make money is with websites. The type of websites are called content websites and usually take time to make. They just do not happen overnight.

You have to work at it when making a content website or buy one that someone has already put together.

Things you will need to know

There are things you will need to learn when making a new website. Marketing online has a learning curve and it depends on how far along you are with any sort of these things.

How to write

The first thing you will need to learn is how to write content. Content will be the most important aspect of your business. It will be the gasoline in your engine. Content is always like a lottery, the more you have the more chances you have at being found by others.

Make no mistake, when trying to market through websites, you will need to learn how to produce quality content.


Another thing you will need to learn is a CMS or content management system. And WordPress is a perfect choice. It will allow you to focus on content creation as long as you pick a good theme or template.

WordPress can make things very easy if it’s set up correctly. So either take the time to learn or have someone teach you. It will be well worth it.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Seo is something you will need to learn. It’s how to get your website pages listed higher in a search engine like Google or Bing.

Now, when you first start the best you can do is focus on producing quality content and a lot of it. You can always go back to your posts and optimize them later on.

But, in the meantime spend some time learning seo as it can always help you and you can always get better as you are writing.

But, you will need to learn things like promotion, link building, on page optimization and more. In fact, getting on-page optimization can be critical to helping your pages rank in Google without a ton of links back to your articles.

Online Promotion

Online promotion is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to your articles. You will want to start promoting your articles when you are comfortable doing so. But, don’t wait too long as you might not get anywhere.

One of the best places to start promoting is on social media. You can start small with only one social media profile at a time. Start with either a Facebook page or a twitter account.

Then build up your profile and following and everytime you create a new article you can promote it to your followers. Or you can even do a promoted post.

The thing you are looking for is to get people to share your article. The more shares you get the more it will be helping you with the promotion.

If you do social media correctly, it can also help you build back-links to your site.

Many people forget social media because they think it does not work for a website. But the truth is Google may not account for links as a ranking factor but it looks weird to them if you do not have some type of following on social media. This is usually how they catch blog owners who get nothing but pbn or private blog network links only.

Its because the pbn links really have no social following on those websites. These so-called webmasters never took the time to build a social following because they are either lazy or do not understand.

So How Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable?

Well, when it comes to a website, there are several ways to make your site profitable. Some of the ways are:

Include ads On Your Site

With this way to monitize, a site webmasters will put ads on their site with a program like Google Adsense or they may even sell advertising on their site outright.

Either way can be lucrative for any webmaster but the best way is to build traffic and a loyal following first and the include ads. But be careful not to include too many ads or else you can risk a search penalty. And when that happens, your site will tank in the search engines.

Also, you will need a really good amount of traffic before you make any money in this way. So be sure you are getting a great amount of traffic before you try ads on your site.

Collect email address’s

This is an all-important step to marketing anything online. The reason is two-fold. One if you collect emails you can market to prospects over and over again and two, it’s something you own, not another company.

And email list in effect becomes the asset you can control. It is really one of the only things you will really ever own online for your business. So always make sure to build an email list from day one.

Use A Landing Page

A landing page is a separate page you can add to your menu bar or somewhere else on your site. With a landing page, you will mostly collect emails from prospects.

A landing page is an important step and there are many great landing page companies out there you can get for $40 a month. You then offer something people want in your space and ask for their email.

You then make money with the emails you send. But, never just send anything but promotional emails. Always try and be helpful as well. This way your list will be more responsive when you do promote.

Put Ads On Your Site

Another way to make money with your site either putting ads on your site or selling ad space.

Publishers can make a decent amount of money with selling ads on their if they are getting a good amount of traffic. But never put the cart before the horse, always wait until you have the traffic and then figure out where to put ads.

Ads on your website can be very lucrative if done correctly.

Ads can also be banners, when clicked go to your landing page asking for an email.

Other Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing

There are other things you can do to make money with affiliate marketing that does not have to do with having an affiliate website. But we have found this to be one of the best ways.

Others ways to make money with affiliate marketing are:

Most other ways in affiliate marketing require the use of paid advertising. And there is nothing wrong with using paid ads, you just better know what you are doing before you waste your hard earned money is all.

It’s very easy to blow a lot of money fast with paid advertising, especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

it’s best to study up on paid ads methods before you attempt anything with money or find a good teacher to show you the ropes. Paid ads can be done using straight to Facebook pages, ads to blog posts, ads to landing pages and more.

With the blog post model it is a two step process. You are introducing yourself to a prospect so they get to know you and then once they see you again they start to understand and trust you better.

Paid ads can be a long-term game but it’s one that can pay off in the future.

Affiliate Marketing Summary

As you can see affiliate marketing is alive and well and is affiliate marketing profitable? yes, it can be. But it may just take some practice is all on your part and to be honest a lot of work.

We suggest you find some type of training before throwing your money down and learn all you can. But once you get the hang of things it can be a decent income generator.

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