Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

I get asked this all the time. Is affiliate marketing dead? And really the answer is a resounding no. Affiliate marketing is alive and well.

It’s just that some people have heard some stories about Google does not like affiliates in their search results and they kick them out.

And really this is not true. Google only kicks out the affiliates who do not know what they are doing.

Many times these affiliates are lazy and they make websites with thin content which really helps no one.

You cannot just write a bunch of crap and expect Google to rank it in their search engine or even Bing for that matter.

Making affiliate commissions from a website does take time. But, if you are patient and give it time and work hard you will start to see your traffic climb.

And, when that happens it’s a really great feeling when you can look in your analytics and see the blue bar climb.

Making Content That Counts

The reason why a website exists is to show someone something or to help them with the content. The problem is many affiliate marketers totally forget this or just don’t know it in the first place.

You have to write quality content that helps others first and foremost. When you start to write quality, then everything else seems to fall into place.

Learn how to write properly as soon as you can and make great content.

There Are Other Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing

There are tons of ways to make money online as an affiliate but they usually involve either free or paid traffic. One way many people do it is by making money with Amazon.

Many people put Amazon links or banner ads on their website and when someone clicks one of those links and buys a product from Amazon, they get a small commission.

Of course, there are other ways to market things online but we mostly focus on making money from websites. As we think this is one of the best ways to earn a full-time income.

But, truly there are a whole host of ways to make money with paid advertising as well. We suggest you do a search on Google and look for other ways to make money on the internet without a website.

Using Search Engines For Affiliate Traffic

A search engine can really be your best friend when it comes to affiliate marketing. But there are rules you will need to follow in order to make things happen for you.

First, as we stated above, learn how to write quality content. And, you will need a huge amount of this quality content. You will also need to promote your content on the net.

But, what you can do is start a website or blog with WordPress and start writing a little bit. Then, when you become better you will see that you are writing more and more. And, you will be accomplishing many more articles on your blog.

Some webmasters, see returns in a few months. But, the point is to be prepared to write a lot of quality content. You will get better at writing if you keep practicing and do not give up.

Now, it does take work and time for that matter. Once you start writing, you may not even see any return for a long time. And even today it can be up to two years before you start seeing any significant traffic. But again, this all depends on the niche you are into.

Watch Out For Algorithm Updates

This is something you will run into a lot and most likely the big reason for people asking is affiliate marketing dead? Google has updates all the time and it can mess with the search results of your website a lot.

Many webmasters tend to get frustrated and give up on Google all together when they see this happening. And, we can truly understand it does become really frustrating, to say the least.

But, take the time to learn about some of the Google updates so you can see what Google wants to see more of. And the two biggest things Google wants to see if quality and relevance.

The reason they want to see these two the most is quality and relevance make up their search engine almost entirely. When people who search Google are happy and find what they need, then they tend to come back to them.

Most of the time when Google does an update it has to do with Quality and relevance. So, always try to keep your content relevant.

Do Not Have Too Many Ads On Your Site

One of the biggest mistakes many new webmasters make is monetizing before it’s time. And then, when they do, they throw tons of ads on their site. This is a big mistake.

Having too many ads on your site can also take away from things that can make you real money and it can get you into trouble with Google because they have algorithms written to demote websites with too many ads.

You want to keep things clean if you can and try to get people to join your email list or fill out a form.

Of course there is nothing wrong with having some affiliate links on your website or blog. Just don’t add so many that you lose sight of your goals and chase your prospects away.

Believe In What You Are Writing About

Of course, the biggest piece of advice we can give you is to start a website you believe in or something you enjoy. If you make it about something you like then it really won’t be work to you when you write.

Because after all you will be writing a ton at least for your first website.

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead Summary

If your asking is affiliate marketing dead, the answer is no. Affiliate marketing is alive and well. You just need to follow some of the steps outlined in this article and you can be on your way to affiliate commissions sooner than you think.

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