Does Your Ecommerce Site Need A Blog

This is a very interesting and good question from a client I received the other day.

And the fact is just about any website can benefit from a blog.  A local site can, an ecommerce store, a plumbers site can, a local car wash, you name it and they all can benefit from a blog.

After all, a blog is pretty much how we used to do things back in the old days and it was called a website.

But, the point being is that, you are writing to either inform, or help others and this can certainly be done on an eCommerce site no problem.

But I sell jewelry, what can I write about?  You can write about a ton of you really think about it.

Looking At Your Customer

A blog exists to either help or inform and what you need to do first is to think about your exact customer, who is the one who will buy all of your products and services.

And I am talking about getting down to the nitty gritty of your exact customer.  Who are they?  What do they do?  What do they like?  What age are they?  Think of all these things and try to narrow down the exact person as if you saw them and pointed them out in a crowd somewhere.

Now, once you do this think, what can you do to help them?  What problems do they have with the things that you sell?  How can you make their life better?

Think all of these things and don’t skimp here?  Take your time thinking even if it takes a week or more.

The reason you want to do this is because you want to capture their attention when the find your site.  In other words you want to help them!  And think real hard because yes, even customers has issues with Jewelry.

Wow Them With Content

Once you have their persona figured out, and how you can help them it’s time to build content to help and wow them.

Consider a small startup company called Groove, who makes help-desk support software.  They were able to build a $5 million a year business all with content marketing.  And no, they didn’t just write about their grandma had for lunch either.  They chose the route of helping people which in turn made them money.

They went back to the drawing board several times because they were losing money.  Then once they figured out who their customers were and what types of problems they were having, they hooked people easily.

So, your content needs to be good.  In fact there are all kinds of content marketing strategies you will he from many who do it on a daily basis.

What Do I write About?

So, if your thinking what in the hell do I write about I clean windows and sell window stuff on my site for crying out loud, think again.  There is plenty you can write about.

First you can write about your products and services and go into detail about each one.  you could even have a spotlight of the month for your products.  You could explain how each one will help whoever buys it.

Once you do that you could write about what your company is doing to help the community.  Or even your last company picnic.

Now why would I write about the picnic?  Because it builds trust to your customers that, you are a real company who is there for them and not some flyby night internet scam.  Yes, even goofy pictures of you eating corn, can set the tone for trust.

It’s Exposure

Now it’s true you need to promote just as well as you write content but, just having a blog keeps you in your prospects minds.  And if you have an email list you can send all your blog articles to your current subscribers and prospects.

It’s a great way to make them not forget about you.

Google And Other Search Engines

If there is one thing Google likes it’s content.  This is the real reason Google is there.  They provide nothing but content to the people who search in their engine.

And, if you keep blogging on a continuous basis, Google will reward you for doing so.  Now, it’s not a must to write a new page every single day but, if you can a couple of times a week is great to keep feeding the content machine.

Start A Help Site

while not truly a blog, a help site is still content that helps customers.  And this is a big thing you are after is to help others.  So, content on here needs to be just as good as it would be on your blog.

Plus you can point all the help articles to helpful related blog posts also.


A blog is a great thing for any site to have.  Every website is about content in some form or another and using a blog as a way to help others and inform them about your products and services is the best way you can start to bring more traffic to your whole eCommerce store.

Just make sure to point your blog articles to the pages you want people to find the most and the traffic will be sure to follow after some hard work and promotion.

And do not forget promotion at all, its a very important step for your blog to gain traffic and customers.

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