How can you make money with seo

If you are new to online marketing, then you may be asking how can you make money with Seo?
And the answer is, there are a few ways to do so. However, it’s not just as easy as putting up a website and watching the traffic roll in like water.
There is work to be done, and you will need to learn SEO basics as well to get started.

Now, the primary way people make money with SEO is by having a website and getting that website listed on google.
But, there are a few ways you can go about it. You can also sell seo services once you become better at it.

So, let us take a look at the way others make money with seo.

Seo and websites

Everything starts with a site if you are trying to do seo. There is no other option here. If it’s not your website, it will be another website from someone else.

But, there are options available to you for a website. You can use WordPress websites, Magento, Dreamweaver or another website tool of your choice.

Everything Starts with content

Content is the backbone of seo. Without content and you don’t have anything. Google is all about it, and you should be too.

On your journey in Seo, you will need to learn content creation inside and out. Yes, it’s that important.

Many people who had no success in SEO, finally learned content and then everything changed for them.

In short, learn to become the best writer, you can be.

Ways To Make Money With SEO

So let us cover the ways there are to make money in seo.

Selling Seo Services

Once you finally hone your SEO skills and become a master, you can start helping others and make some cash in the process.

It’s best to have at least a year under your belt before you sell seo services unless you have a team behind you.

One team is They will do all the work for your clients and while you focus on nothing but selling.

Even if you are the best seo on the planet, there are only so many hours in a day. So, you will need help with your workload. And they can make it happen.

There are many ways to sell your services. You can concentrate on selling only to local companies if you like.

Or, you can find clients who are much more substantial businesses. It’s really up to you and what you are comfortable with handling.

It’s genuinely endless, once you know what you are doing.

Make Money as an affiliate

Another great way you can make some dough is by being an affiliate marketer.

Most times this starts with a website.

There are all sorts of ways to be an affiliate. You can start small also and build while you keep your day job.

You can either start niche websites or build big authority sites that get thousands of visitors a month. It’s all your choice.

A niche site is where you pick a topic about something and then build a smaller website around that theme.

And, once a topic is selected, then you start keyword research and then begin content creation.

Now, what I listed here is a simple overlay of how it happens, and there can be more to it. But, the single most significant thing is to keep it simple if you want to make some money.

Far too many others complicate things and then never get anything finished.

All they ever seem to end up with us frustration caused by overthinking.

Do not fall into the trap of shiny object syndrome. Meaning everything that comes along you buy and never finish.

Realize you are doing seo for a reason and focus solely on that.  It’s this process which is how you make money with websites.

But I have seen it all the time, people always asking questions and looking for case studies to back up their thoughts.

And, what they need to do is trust in the process and make it happen.

Selling Your Own Product

One way to make money with seo is to start and sell your product.
You see, seo leads convert up to 44% in many cases and the reason is that people are looking for what you are writing about and then adding to your website.

So you could make just about any product and sell it with seo.

It could be a digital download or even some supplement products you have developed. It doesn’t matter, and the point is just to get started.
The way you sell a physical product online is by using an e-commerce system on your website

Creating Content on Other Websites

Remember how we told you content was the number one important thing you need to take action on when it comes to seo.

Well, it turns out if you don’t even have your website, you can get started writing content and aking others to add it to their sites.

Usually, this is called guest posting, and it works for you by writing a piece of content and then figure out the best place to get it listed.

Now, many places will not allow you to add your affiliate links to the articles you can to their website.

So you will have to be creative with this method to make money. But the whole basis is, getting your content listed in a search engine like Google to gain traffic.

Selling Your Services

So, maybe you are a landscaper, and you want more business from your website. Seo is a great way to get more business. We have been doing this for years for small companies and getting them listed on google and then watching them grow into a million dollar company.

So, you start with a little keyword research and see what people are searching for in your area. Agan as the Landscaper, it might be things like, “lawn mowing service” or snowplowing.So, what you do is go home every night after work and write an article.

Again content is that important.And, if you keep this up and write an article every night, pretty soon you will have many pieces to get people to your website. And you will get lots of traffic and then after the traffic is when the money follows.

It doesn’t matter what type of services business you have either. Almost any small business owner can start a website and get traffic from Google and make it happen.

Those are the two primary ways you can make money with seo.

So, now let’s cover the three basics you need to make it happen no matter what you decide.
The steps are simple.
1. Write high-quality content
2. Keyword research for low competition keywords
3. Make it happen, don’t lose focus

There are more things you will learn later on down the road, and it’s always good to read about your craft.

But the single most significant piece of advice I can give you is to make it happen.

What you have to do when trying to start a website where you want to get traffic from seo is just get started.

Pick a date when you will finally check how much traffic you have received. And you can even set a time where you will give up if you don’t think it’s working for you.

But, by far the most successful people we know in this field are the ones who make things happen and don’t look up.

Forget continually seeing how others are doing it. Forget all the latest fads to come out. Just ignore the hype and keep your nose to the grindstone and create more and more content.

It will be helpful to you if you treat it as a job, you must get done for a client. And that client is you. Label yourself as your name and Inc. after it if you have to.
Just get it done.

Creating content is the most important thing you can do period.

You know we have covered this before, but it’s that important to your overall success with seo.
Learn how to write and type as it will serve you well later on when you have to create a ton of content for your websites.

Keyword Research

Ok, this is very important as well. Get it wrong here, and you could be waiting forever for the thing to happen or even worse yet have to double down and dive into the world of black hat search engine optimization.

Now, when your first starting out with seo, your website will not have much authority in Google or even Bing.

So, you have to be careful here to choose low competition keywords, write great long content and then try to get listed in the engine.

We have seen it all the time, people start out with website marketing and think they have to choose all the keywords that get significant traffic.
They use a tool like a google keyword planner and see words that are getting 10,000 or more searches a month and think that is the way to go.  It’s not when your first starting out.

If your website is brand new, it will take Google a while to trust you. And they do this for two reasons. One is they want to people to use Google AdWords so they can make a profit and two it not as easy for people to game their search results if things take time.

So, always find low competition keywords and do not be afraid if you see keywords that show they get little search traffic.

These keywords can bring in hordes of traffic when you combine different articles and keyword.

So do not fall into the trap when starting out that you need essential traffic keywords.

Show Google you mean business and write plenty of articles with the low competition low traffic keywords, and you will start to see over time the process works.

jaaxy keyword tool

One keyword tool that will help in this area is Jaaxy keyword tool.  This tool is perfect for beginners and experts as well.  It works by showing you the exact competition you are up against for a keyword.

Once you use the tool, you will find keywords, you never thought which were actually keywords you can rank for.

Again, when using this tool, you can find many low traffic keywords that actually do get searched every month in Google.  So, for a brand new website, it’s best to go after low hanging fruit or long tail keywords.  And these long tail words, actually do convert much better than regular keywords.

So remember, with lower traffic keywords, you make up on volume of all these keywords together.  In other words, once you write articles for all these keywords you will combine all of this traffic together.

Make It Happen

As we said, the most critical part is just to take action when trying to make money from seo.  If you don’t get started and get your writing done, you will get frustrated and just give up.  And, we don’t want to see that for you.

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