Link Building Outreach The Right Way


These days link building outreach can be an absolute goldmine for promoting your blog or website if you know how to do it right.  Too often webmasters fail when it comes to supporting their blog or website.  Sometimes, they either start too early in the process before they have enough content or their content just plain stinks.

Don’t be fooled; the web is mostly about two things, links, and content.  Everywhere you go on the internet is by clicking a link to somewhere else.  And, the reason you went there is to read something.  So, it stands to reason; your content is that important.

So, what are all the parts of a good link building outreach campaign for seo?

Link Building Outreach Steps

Here are the parts of a successful campaign if you are just getting started with a new website or blog:

  1. Create good quality content
  2. Create at least 30 good quality articles
  3. Prepare an outreach letter or press release
  4. Send out your statement or message to relevant sources

So let us go over each one of these steps in detail, so you can understand each step and why each one is important in the process.  Too often many people miss a step in this simple process, and it wastes their whole campaign.  Don’t make the same mistakes.  If you want a website that is going to stick around for the long term, do the work now and reap the rewards later.

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Create Good Quality Content

Many people do not understand this step, but it is straightforward.  If you miss this stage or do not pay attention to it, you could blow your whole campaign.  Why, because you want people to read what you have to say.  People can sense if they are reading an article written by an expert or if it’s junk.  If you are an expert in your field, then show your best stuff.  And, if you have a website in an area you don’t know much about later, hire an expert.  It’s that important.

If you are not sure about this step, think about when you read essential junk content.  Were you satisfied?  Most likely you weren’t.

Most webmasters skip this step, and it’s the most important one.  It’s like going to a pool with no water in it.  Would you stay or even try to swim?  We didn’t think so.

When people read good quality content, they are more likely to notice and even share your content in ways you can only dream.

Creating 30 Good Website Articles

When you promote your excellent quality content, you want people to visit your website and take notice.  If you have only one or two articles, then it looks more like you don’t care, or you don’t know what you are doing.  Also, it’s at about the 30 articles mark, where search engines like Google stand up and take notice.

Preparing An Outreach Letter

Here’s another mistake many makes.  They either just write a short blurb or send a link to email.  You don’t want to do that.  You want your outreach letter to be personal and even mention things about their website.

Do not just send out a blind template to people.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is not realizing there is another person behind another computer somewhere.  Promoting on the web is indeed about relationships.

Sending To Relevant Sources

Don’t make the mistake of just sending out a press release or outreach letter to just anyone or worse blasting it all over the web.  Take the time to find relevant sources who will be interested in what your offer or pitch is.  It’s a huge mistake many make.  Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

These days link building outreach can be a very viable opportunity when done correctly.  Remember you are building a business you want to last.  Take the time to make things right, and you will benefit in the end.

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