Why does Google keep changing?

There have been many questions about the recent Google updates.  Some people have asked why does Google keep changing?  While others are just trying to keep up.  Well, today in a nutshell I am going to explain why these changes keep happening.

Now, there are a few reasons why a search engine like Google can be more up and down than the stock market.  I’ll list the reasons and then go over each one.

Reasons why a search engine keeps changing:

  1. They are looking to better the search results
  2. The come up with new improved ideas
  3. People are trying to manipulate their results to get higher rankings

Now, these are the 3 basic reasons they keep changing.  So, lets cover the first one.  They are looking to better the search results.  Sometimes they may notice their search results for a keyword are not as targeted as they would like.  So, they make changes.  This could be something simple but they have noticed it helps people more and the results are targeted.  Trust me this is a good thing.  They are in the business of providing great results to their users and they want to keep you happy.

Search engines such as Google are always looking to improve upon things.  This is why you may have noticed the word beta next to many of Google’s services.  They use this word because they are gathering data to see how well a particular service is performing.  Once the data is collected, they then use it to make decisions such as if they want to keep the service running or make changes.

Ok, now on to the last reason.  Many and I mean many webmasters try to get high Google rankings.  Since the search engines have started people have noticed it is a great way to get targeted traffic.  And, not only that it’s free for an organic listing.

So, naturally people try to game their results and try and get a number one listing.  If you really want to know why does Google keep changing this is the big reason.  Now don’t get me wrong here.  There are plenty of acceptable ways to get a high ranking in a search engine.  And those proper ways are creating good quality content and getting acceptable relevant links.

But many webmasters take this out of context and try to manipulate their results by getting too many links or doing things like keyword stuffing their content.  Usually people try to manipulate by getting thousands of inbound links.  This may work for the short term, however one day these people usually get caught and either De-listed or their rankings plummet.

So, this is why the changes keep on happening.  Sometimes, it can become frustrating to people if you are a webmaster.  But, if you stay within the guidelines and build good quality content, they you can usually get pretty good rankings.

Trying to manipulate search engine rankings is a dying practice.  Their search bots are getting better all the time.  So, if you want good rankings follow this advice or get with a firm who knows what they are doing when it comes to search engine optimization.

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