Make Money With a Website

Introduction To Make Money With A Website

One of the biggest questions we get is, how do I make money with a website?  After all, many people want to jump on the internet making money machine and I cannot blame them.

The truth is there are really many ways to make money online and not just with a website.  Although, a website will give you a foundation.  You can start with having a website, one or two or three and then move on to other things later on.  And all the while your website could be earning money for you to put into other ventures.

Is a website the safest way to make money online?  No!  But, it is one of the best ways.  The reason it’s not safe is many people rely on Google traffic for their website and Google can change in a heartbeat.  But, it’s a great way to make money.

So, we’ll go over some of the best ways to make money with a website.

Also, we want you to understand one things here also.  If you are trying to get traffic from search engines as your main source of traffic, then you need to be in this for the long haul.

SEO, takes time to get lots of traffic to make things work for your website.  The number one thing you will be doing is writing.  If you like writing and are half way decent at it then all the better.

You see, online and getting free traffic from Google all comes from content and your content needs to be good.  You can’t just put up a bunch or junk articles or even copy and paste from somewhere and expect lots of traffic.

You need to take your time and write good quality articles or hire someone else to do it.

So many people give up when it comes to their website after a few weeks.  They write and write and do not see any traffic to their blog and then think this stuff does not work at all.  But, the truth is they were very close maybe even closer then they thought.

Many times blogging has to do with the number of articles you write or the amount and quality of the backlinks you have.  Brian Dean from Backlinko is all about quality and promotion.  His website has less articles then most but he ranks number one for many terms.  So, it’s all in the way you do it.

But all in all, be prepared to write many good quality articles so you can succeed.  Content is the king of getting free traffic.

Ok, so lets go over a few ways to make money with your website once you are getting a decent amount of traffic.

Network Ads

Ad’s used to be the number one way people made money from their websites.  You join a program like Google Adsense and slap ads on your site and you are off and running.

Yes, you can make good money from network ads for sure.  There are also many other ad networks you can join besides Google’s as well.

The thing here is, to make good money you need to be getting a really good amount of traffic to your website.  Just a few visitors a day will not make anyone any money.

Once you join a network ad program they will give you code to add to your site.  If you have WordPress, then you can most likely use a plugin to add the code on your site.  There are also many ways you can optimize your website to get better clicks from these ads.  But, be careful here.  Many of these have rules you will have to follow or else your account can get banned.

Affiliate Links

Another way to make great money is by adding affiliate links to your site.  Here, you simply write articles on reviews and other products and then add the link somewhere in the article.  Again, however you need a decent amount of traffic to make this work.

And, you just don’t want to add links all over the place with crap content.  According to Google you need to be helping people with your content if you are adding affiliate programs to your website.

One of the best ways for making money with affiliate links is to have people sign up for your email list.  Then you can send all the people on your list emails that are helpful and have some promotions in them.  The reason for building a list is you can then content these people over and over again.

When you just add affiliate links to your site you are really doing what’s called hit and run marketing.

The affiliate networks you can join here are endless.  One of the most popular and longest running networks is clickbank.   Clickbank has many categories you can choose from.  Once you sign up you can then grab an affiliate code from the product you want to promote and you are in business.

Selling Your Own Ads

It’s really quite exciting when you are getting a great amount of traffic from search engines.  And, when you are, you can then decide to sell your own ad-space.

This will take your site getting a ton of traffic but, once it is you can then call your own shots here.  You can decide if you want to use a plugin where you can sell ads that way such as oio publisher.

Of you can use a website called buy sell ads.  With buy sell ads you are exposed to a large network of others who can search for websites relating to where they want to place their ads on.  Then you insert the ads from a code on your site and you are making money.

Don’t settle for low pricing either if you have a good website that is getting a huge amount of traffic.  if you do this right you can make total bank here.  And the best part is you control it all and are not under some ad networks rules either.

Make Money With YouTube

Youtube is yet another way to make money from your website.  Youtube is part of the Google adsense program and you can opt in to show ads on your videos.  Again, it will take many videos here to make a good living this way but, your website can be a great traffic source for your YouTube videos.

All you have to do is choose an embed code from your videos and then paste it into your website.

People search on YouTube every single day.  In-fact it’s the number 2 search engine in the world right behind Google.  With numbers like these, you really cannot afford to not use YouTube as a money generation strategy.

Have An E commerce Store On Your Site

Many people over look this step with making money with a website.  You can include your own e commerce site as well.  You can use something like WooCommerce for wordpress.  This will allow you to not only sell real goods but you can also use this as an affiliate as well.  You just change the links within Woo and you are good to go.

Now, the opportunities here are endless.  All you have to do is think about things.  Some people can use this to sell short reports, sell other digital goods, real physical goods and a whole host of other things.

But if you choose this method of cash generation make sure you focus on helpful articles with a blog also.  This will allow you to get traffic and then you can funnel that traffic into your online store.  Here is a article from Link Assistant that explains E commerce and traffic generation really well.

The opportunities are abound, you just have to take hold, create content and then use one of the above methods to make money for your self and your family.

Remember, this takes work in the form of writing articles with promotion.  But if you do this for a year or so, you will start to see results after all your hard work.  And then, your only problem will be going back and figuring out how to best optimize your site to make even more money.

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