Starting in Online Business & Staying Motivated

Things have certainly changed.  Today there is so much competition online, it’s so much more different than when I started in online marketing.  Today, you have younger kids who are claiming their stake with online business.  Some are even real seo experts and some, not so much.

Back in 1995 there was AOl (America Online) lol, and it was hard to even find any woman online at the time.  My, how the times have changed.

So, you want a little piece of the online business you’ve heard so much about.  Perhaps, you heard a buddy talk about how him and his wife are making money on the internet.  Or maybe you read a story in a newspaper.

Starting in Online BusinessEither way, it doesn’t matter.  Your now hooked on this thing called internet marketing.  You start to have dreams of working from home and spending more time with your wife and children.  And, many times for good reason.  Jobs these days, are either hard to come by or you wear several hats and do the work of 10 people.

So, first you have to learn where to start with online marketing and then you need to learn how to stay motivated to make it all work.  Motivation is key many times because, online marketing can be a hard thing to get right from the start.

Many times, it takes a good amount of trial and error and time to make it work not to mention money sometimes.

Where To Start

One of the first things I tell anyone who wants to get into online marketing is you need some essential things.  You will need a website and an email list but, even before that, you will need an idea.

And, your idea doesn’t really have to be 100% original.  It’s perfectly fine to go into huge markets if that’s what you want to do.  But, you just have to realize, it will take time to make things work.

Having a website to start your new online marketing company is a must because it’s like your base for the rest of what’s to come.  There are many who started in affiliate marketing with websites.

And, there are also others who do make money with out websites.  But I suggest you start with a website.  The reason is, it will serve as a place where you can communicate your idea’s to your customers, send traffic and get traffic.

Then, once you start to capture email leads, you will be able to market to them over and over again.

But, your going to have to do something a little different also.  Your going to have to be a little different in your market place.  Your going to have to come up with a good value proposition so your customers and prospects will see why you are different and want to trust and buy from you.

And, a website does just that.  It’s like a vessel, where you can send people to showcase your work and say look at what I wrote for your to learn more.  Many times, this is what website do is, they teach others new things or ideas.  Even the news is a teaching platform.

So, if you really think about it, the web is made up of two simple things at it’s core.  Those two things are links and content.  First, many people go online to find an answer to something or to socialize with friends and read email.  And, everything they read is content and they get their via links.

This is why good quality content is so important.  Having excellent content on your website helps keep people on your site longer and get’s them to trust you more.  Which is what you want if you are selling a product.

Starting Your Website

When starting your website, your most important task will be writing quality content.  You will want to write about things people want to read, and quality content so you are trusted by search engines.

So, after you get your site all setup, plan on becoming a writer for a long period of time.  It’s actually the most important task you will perform on your website.  Sure, there will be other things you will have to learn about seo, link building and social promotion.  But, developing your writing skills will be number one.

You will also need to learn how to perform keyword research.  Keyword research is important in the beginning.  Finding low hanging fruit keywords, will allow you to get traffic at first.  And, later when you are more established and well known, you can then write more about what you want to like your opinions and other things.

So make sure you learn how to do keyword research because it’s very important.  Also, if you write about things no one is searching on right at the start of your site, you will get no visitors and you will become frustrated and quit your business and never get it off the ground.

And the key here is to stay motivated and make small steps and small wins so you can see some progress thus, allowing you to keep motivated and on track.

Build your Email List

The other important place to start is with email.  You want to start an email list right from the very beginning.  Waste no time here at all.  An email list you build by hand, is very important to the life of your business.

Having a list of all your prospects and customers can save you a huge amount of aggravation if anything happens bad to your online business.  It can help save your business if you even get kicked out of Google.  It will allow you to still market and get traffic to your website until you can figure out what is going on.

So, no matter what website you build or whatever business you start online.  Always make sure to build a list.

And, this means being smart.  What I mean here is, let’s say you are promoting an affiliate product and you are sending all traffic to the affiliate page.  Well, that is a bad strategy for sure.  What you need to do is, build your own squeeze page and collect your visitors emails.  If you don’t, you are just sending people away and you will never see them again.  That’s a losing strategy for sure, if you are paying for traffic.

Staying Motivated

One thing you will need to do when building a website is, to stay motivated.  If you are writing articles and not seeing much traffic for a while, that’s par for the course.  It will take time and you will need great Patience.

It could take up to a year or two before you start getting a decent amount of traffic, most of which these days will come from Google.  So, you will have to find a way to keep working and not quit or give up on your business.

Starting a huge authority website is hard work but, it can pay off huge in the end when done right.

I suggest you write every day for 6 months to a year.  You will want to write an article at least every other day with every day being preferred.  It’s going to take a good amount of content to make your website authoritative.

So, take breaks often while writing if you have to.  Even let your articles sit over night and the re read them in the morning with a whole new fresh prospective.  It’s important to keep comfortable while writing also.

Study great writers and online marketing pros when and if you can.  But be careful here, it’s easy to fall off the path of working and get taken into learning some new trick.  And, you will want to avoid this practice.

Way too many people get taken off the beaten path of working, and never get anything accomplished.

Exercise, workout or whatever you have to do to help keep your mind where it needs to be.  Writing will be your number 1 goal by far.

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