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How Would Your World Change If You Knew The Secret To Making Money Online?

There are many ways to make money online, I know I’ve been doing it since 1995.  And, I currently run a multi-million dollar supplements company every day from my home.

Who I Am

Todd JirecekAllow me to introduce myself, My Name is Todd Jirecek and I specialize in SEO and other online marketing area’s.

My home office while writing this blog post.

I know a lot about online marketing because I have studied it for over 20 years now.  Sometimes, I think I know too much.  Believe me, it’s a blessing and a curse to know what I know.

It took me years to acquire all the knowledge I have and trust me, my clients thank me for it daily.

Do you know what I have done for years?

What I have done is, make websites and get them listed in Google to make people money.

But, there is a better way!

First let me show you a new book by Russel Brunson.  It’s called Expert Secrets and trust me it’s good and will teach you a faster way to make money online rather than make boring old websites like I do.

Go Ahead Click The Link To Check Out Russel’s Book.

Then you can return here and read why I think it’s so good.

Click here to get Russel’s Free Expert Secrets Ebook

Click here to get Russel’s Free Expert Secrets Ebook

Why Is This Better?

What this book will teach you is the concept of making and marketing funnels.  I did this way back in 2000 and let me tell you the concept is still strong today.

You actually do not need a website at all if you don’t want to.  You just use landing page software and build an email list and market to your prospects over and over again and again.

Yes, it’s that simple!

Funnels Really Do Make Money

yes, it’s very true funnels can and do make money when done right.  I know, I started with funnel marketing back around 2000 with a book called Acne free in 3 days, which was sold on Clickbank and still to this day sells and makes money on Amazon.

The site was a simple sale letter that led people into a funnel.  Of course in those days traffic was cheap and the funnels were less designed as they are now.

We never had anything like ClickFunnels back then and we would have been so happy to have something that could design our pages fast and easy.  Back then, I did all the web design for the site and it was a pain to do daily.

Image Source Dotcom Secrets

Russel even walks you through his own start of selling a book about “How to make a potato gun”.  Yes it was really that bad back then. lol.

As you can see from his site, he explains this was a really simple 2 page funnel.  Buy and thank you was all it consisted of.

These days people have figured out funnels make money on the backend with having a lower price upfront.  So if you sell supplements and you offer a free bottle for only paying shipping, then once they start the buying process, you then offer more of the same product for a lessor price or something else related.

This way you make money on the backend thus turning up your profits from the front end.

Below, Trey Lewellen explains how to make profit from a funnel on the backend.

What You Really Need, MONEY$ And Why People fail Their First Time Around

There are a couple of things at play here as well.  You will need some way to get traffic.  And for getting traffic that means, you will need either time or money.

As I see it from all my years doing internet marketing, this is one of the biggest hurdles that people face and it’s the one that makes them give up fast.

You search any video on Youtube today and you will see all of these people promoting Clickfunnels and all but the real thing they do not tell you is you will need cash set aside.  And sure Facebook ads can be cheap right now if you know how to play that system.  But, putting up an ad one time and getting 100 visitors to that ad is not what’s going to make you money.

It’s being consistent that will make you money.  In other words, do things like figure out how much Facebook ads will cost you per click and then take a look at how many visitors it takes to get a sale.  Which depending on your landing page etc., it could be 1 in 100 or maybe even 1 in 200.  Or maybe it could be even a little better than that.

But say you take 1 in 100 will buy.  Ok, but still that is not a lot for a day.  That may be only around $5 – $10 a day maybe more, maybe less.

So looking at those numbers, you will want to get at least 500+ visitors a day to make any real money.

Now, these numbers are not set in stone but, the point is you will need real traffic numbers to be able to sit at home everyday working for yourself.

So, if you will be using paid advertising to make any real money, you will need to set money aside.  I would say at-least $200-$500 for Facebook and a minimum of $1000 for Google Adwords.

Then, when you know this money is free and clear, and it doesn’t matter if you lose it or not, you can then begin you take action and start buying ads and thus begin your learning curve.

Or, if you want to try a little at a time buying Facebook ads, then go ahead.  But, understand, that it’s consistent advertising that will make you the real money.  This means advertising daily.  Buying ads here and there should be a test to see what works for when you have more money set aside.

It Is Not Out Of Your Reach

By no means is internet marketing this way out of your reach.  You just need to understand that if you will be using paid ads it’s going to take some money and after you finally save say $1000.00 that is free to you, then it gets interesting.

And you might just lose that $1000.00 as quickly as you would in a casino in Las Vegas.  But, you have to try if you want to make it.

Your not being told this to scare you.  Not at all.  I just want things to be real for you so you know what you are getting into.

The Other Side Of The Story

See, you have to understand that, for every success story you hear, there are 10 who failed and had no success.  I know, after 23 years in the business I have seen it all.  I have seen people become wealthy and other lose everything they ever had and get divorced over it.

Think How You Will Get Traffic

Listen, the one thing I never hear these so called Guru’s of today talk about is what I call “the real truth”.  I guess all this just comes from my years in the business and seeing many things.

So, when it comes to traffic it is totally true you will need to focus on one or two traffic sources and this is where you will make the bulk of your money.  But, and this is a huge but!  You will need to think “Backup Plan”.

Here’s what I mean.  Let’s say you have a website and have become really good at SEO this past year.  So, your website is getting a ton of traffic and you are making bank.  Ok well, then Google releases another update and you are looking at ways to put food on the table after 2 successful years.

But, if you would have figured out, that you need say around $5000.00 to stay afloat buying Google Adword ads, then you could have put that money away sometime ago and used it later when you needed it.

So I am a huge proponent of diversity.  And, if you have no idea how to get traffic from another source, then find someone who does.

So, the next time you watch another so called successful person on Youtube, just think to yourself and ask yourself these questions.

Another instance is, if have have one website making money from free SEO traffic then, you better get another also as a backup.  Just make sure you have some sort of backup plan in place.

because, I am here to tell you.  All of the things you built today can be taken from you tomorrow.  And, I mean just about all of it.  All of the traffic that is.  Facebook ads, youtube ads, twitter ads, linked-in ads, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Free SEO traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing.  All of these can be taken from you.

So I urge you to not be too cocky, I have seen these all taken away from other internet marketers before and they lost everything and the biggest reason they lost it all?  They had no backup plan.

What If You Don’t Want To Buy Ads

Then, you will need a website with lots of great content, decent SEO and lots of free search engine traffic.  This way takes time but, it can pay of huge in the long run.

In many ClickFunnels webinars and videos Russel talks about the death of websites.  Well, don’t really take this to heart.  Because free traffic is still alive and well.  It’s just going to take you a lot of work to get going.

Your going to have to either write a lot of content or have someone else do it for you.  But it can be done.

And then, once your site is getting a good amount of traffic, then you can add your ClickFunnel ads and links.


The point is yes, you can really make money from funnels.  You just might need some training on what to do.  In this post I have also shared the things I think that stop people from success when marketing this way.

Just take your time and remember to save your money and one day it will happen for you.

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